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    1919I have 4gb "brand new" ddr3 actually under clocked to 1266mhz instead of 1333. Just a timming thing with the chipset/cpu/motherboard. I have run memtest from hirens etc and the machine check out after multiple tests. during builds it looks to have around 1-1.2gb of memory in use. What is swap ? Is that virtual memory on the hdd ? if so, no it is not enabled. I have replaced the entire machine to. Is there any other info aside from some kdl traces that might be useful ?
     21the only other thing I find peculiar is that this only happens when I use more then 1 core.  core and it happens, 3 cores it happens. 1 core and it builds just fine. this lead me to send the cpu to AMD for a rma, and then sent it back with testing certification and the test report, everything check out. As I noted in my original post, the psu, mb, ram,hdd are all new, the cpu was sent back to amd and they gave it a clean bill of health to. Hiren boot cd pc tests all pass with flying colors.
     23So I am a bit lost as to where to go from here.