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Nov 21, 2006, 5:23:15 PM (15 years ago)

Renamed bug because it collects some other bugs and the original one is basically fixed.


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    • Property Summary menu items react on MouseDown instead of MouseUpvarious menu bugs
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    1 We should give users a chance to abort or correct their action by moving the mouse somewhere else and releasing it there. So, basically, when in sticky mode, menus should switch to non-sticky mode on MouseDown. I'm not sure how to implement it (I don't know the code well enough), so I hope that someone else knows. :)
     1When you are in non-sticky mode (i.e.: hold down mouse button and browse through menu) and move the mouse pointer outside the menu window and then back over the window menu releasing the mouse button doesn't have any effect. It behaves like in sticky mode. Also, if you move the mouse over the parent menu bar after this happened the menu disappears. I can reproduce both every time.
     3This also sometimes happens when you stay within the menu window all the time.
     5Sometimes it also closes the menu a short period afterwards (without invoking anything), but when I move the mouse pointer over the menu bar it quickly opens and closes the menu, again. Sometimes it's the other way around.
     7In rare cases when I hold the mouse button down and switch between menus in a BMenuBar the menu disappears for no reason.
     9In sticky mode, click and hold mouse button and move the pointer out of the window. The menu will disappear. This only happens when the menu belongs to a BMenuBar.