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This year, the Free and Open Source Software Developer's European Meeting (FOSDEM, Brussels, 6-7th February 2010) will host the Alt-OS devroom on sunday from 9:00 to 17:00, which is meant as a place for Free and OpenSource Alternative Operating System projects to share ideas and work on topics like:

  • distinguishing design and features,
  • device drivers and how to share them,
  • application portability,
  • interoperability.

We are interested to hear about your OS projects, how they are designed, and what they could eventually share for other projects' benefit.

We are also willing to exchange with related devrooms on transversal subjects, depending on the available schedule, for example unusual package management with the Crossdistro room, GUI standardization with the Crossdesktop devroom, scalability with the Embedded devroom, how you have reused drivers from BSD in your project, or your concerns about porting Java…

The format of the talks can vary, from 45min large speech to 15 min general project presentations, or hand-on hacking session.


Your proposal should include:

  • duration (in 15 minute blocks -- please stick with that granularity, as it will make the schedule somewhat easier to follow for visitors),
  • activity title (please try to be descriptive, there are ~250 talks at FOSDEM during the week-end ;)),
  • a short abstract (1-2 paragraphs),
  • a longer description if appropriate,
  • optionally a list of links to the project website or similar
  • for each speaker:
    • the speaker's real name,
    • a short overview of her bio in a couple of lines,
    • optionally also a longer bio,
    • optionally a picture (please send it to us as 128x128 PNG),
    • optionally links to her website, blog, ...

Plain-text format is preferred by the FOSDEM team, it makes their life easier, something like:

John Doe

John is currently working as a freelancer and spends most of his free
time contributing to various opensource projects, most prominently on

John currently lives in England with his wife, 2 kids and a bunch of
kitten. He loves spending his time walking around in the woods, and
of course kitten. He has a masters degree in kitten science, which
helps him a lot with coding.

attached: john_doe.png


The deadline for submissions is 2009-12-20, please try to stick to it. Acceptance notification on 2009-12-28.


The room provided by the FOSDEM team has:

  • room number AW1.105 with 48 seats,
  • a video projector with VGA cable,
  • wireless internet.

We will try to provide a wifi router with ethernet ports for demonstrations since we know many projects do not have functional wifi drivers yet. We will also try to provide a laptop to load your slides on if you can't use your own machine.

It is advised to see with your project supporting associations for possible reimbursement of travel and hosting cost, since the FOSDEM team cannot help there. Attendance is free however. Also remember to check other devroom's calls as well as the call for lightning talks, for subjects that might not fit our topics of interest.

Projected schedule

  • 9:00 Welcome (15min)
  • 9:15 ...
  • 16:45 Closing (15min)
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