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Media Kit encoding is mostly implemented, just some stuff missing, updated list accordingly.

Future Haiku Features


  • Finish Media Kit encoding support (implementation in nodes based encoding is missing)
  • Package management - PackageManagerIdeas
    • Transfer installation/profile

Maybe R1

  • Session management
  • Content based search
  • tty layer for serial ports
  • Stack and Tile
  • New Debugger


  • Hardware 3D acceleration
    • 3D accelerated app_server
  • Tracker rewrite/refactoring
    • separate view mode code
    • add more view modes
  • Multi-user support
  • 64 bit support
  • Tool tips support/API in BView
  • Keyboard shortcut and gestures management
  • Keyboard and Mouse settings associated with hardware
  • Multi-head support in app_server
  • Concurrent user support in input and app_server
  • Remote app_server
  • New file system - FutureHaikuFileSystem
  • More POSIX compatibility
  • Replacing the C library
  • Power management
  • I/O APICs (implemented, but the interrupt mapping for PCI interrupts that has to be read through ACPI is yet missing)
  • Finalize new driver architecture and rewrite all drivers
  • IPv6 network support
  • Floppy drive support
  • Media Acceleration library (common routines to be used by media plugins that can be replaced by OpenCL, SSE or the like)
  • Calendar / Scheduling application (and server?)

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