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    11= Getting Started with Git (for Developers) =
    3 [ Git - SVN Crash Course]
    4 [ Git Ready - knowledge base for git]
     3There are very many resources on the web where you can learn about Git. See the two resources below to get started. Furthermore, this page will discuss three concepts that you need to grasp in order to get started.
     5 * [ Git - SVN Crash Course]
     6 * [ Git Ready - knowledge base for git]
     8== Centralized versus Distributed ==
     10One of the main concepts to understand in the difference between Subversion and Git, is the difference between centralized and distributed version control. This is a topic much written about, and it would be a duplication to work it all out again. Have a look at [ Chapter 2 of the Pragmatic Version Control Using Git] book.
     12The organization of the workflow will be using a **shared repository**. That means that on there will be a repository that core developers are able to push to. In a sense this closely resembles the model of subversion, with the difference that everybody can start their own repository, and share it in order to collaborate on a feature before it is pushed into the centralized repository.
     14See this image graciously borrowed from the aforementioned book: