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     1= Google Code-in Ideas 2016 =
     3== Warning ==
     4This is the brainstorm page for the [ Google Code-In] programme for 2016. 
     5As such some or many of these may not end up being in our final released list of tasks that end up in Google Code-In.  '''If you are a student, DO NOT start working on these ahead of time as they are ALL subject to change.'''
     7== General Information ==
     8Google has announced that they are going to hold Google Code-In 2016 as disclosed [ in this blog post].
     10If you are interested in submitting an idea for a task then you can make one [ by posting on this topic in our forum].
     12For students interested in participating in Google Code-In 2016 be sure to read through Google's [ Getting Started Guide].
     14== 1. Code: Tasks related to writing or refactoring code ==
     15For coding tasks students should make sure to follow [ Haiku's coding guidelines].
     17=== 1.1 Code an app for Haiku (including multi-part tasks) ===
     18||Example task||Example Skills||Example link||
     19||Code a Password Manager using Haiku's BKeystore||UI design, C++||[ Seahorse], [ Haiku ticket on subject]||
     20||Code a Graphical version control system Frontend||UI design, C++,git,hg,svn||[ Atlassian Sourcetree], [ TortoiseGit]||
     21||Code a simple Photo post-production app (red eye remover)||UI design, C++|| ||
     22||Code an Advanced Download Manager|| ||[ iGetter]||
     23||Code a Music Manager that takes advantage of metadata|| ||[ CherryBlossom], [ MusicCollection]||
     24||Code a Personal Calendar|| ||[ Apple Calendar]||
     25||Code a Graphical Profiler/Tracer|| ||KCachegrind, AMD CodeAnalyst, Stackify||
     26||Code a Graphical Crash Reporter|| ||Apple Crash Reporter, Goolge Breakpad (MIT)||
     27||Code a graphical interface for Haiku's RemoteDesktop|| ||[ RemoteDesktop]||
     28||Code a ScreenReader for Haiku|| ||[ Haiku ticket on subject]
     29||Code a graphical event/syslog viewer|| ||[ Ticket on subject]||
     30||Code a speech recognition app|| ||[ Ticket on subject]||
     31||Code a Haiku notification Center|| ||[ Ticket on subject]||
     32||Code a Currency Converter|| || ||
     33||Code a system Dictionary|| || ||
     34||Code a vector graphics editor (reuse Icon-O-Matic code)|| || ||
     35||Code a CountDown/StopWatch/TimeZoneCheck app|| || ||
     36||Code a Action Automation app|| ||Xnee, Apple Automator, Automise||
     37||Code a Video Manager|| || ||
     38||Code a Subtitle Editor|| ||Gnome Subtitles||
     40=== 1.2 Develop a web app, a plugin or fix a issue related to Haiku's web infrastructure ===
     42=== 1.3 Refactor, clean up or improve Haiku code ===
     44=== 1.4 Fix a broken recipe in haikuports ===
     46=== 1.5 Fix bug listed in Haiku's Trac ===
     48== 2.0 Documentation/Training ==
     49Tasks related to creating/editing documents and helping others learn more.
     51== 3.0 Outreach/Research ==
     52Tasks related to community management, outreach/marketing, or studying problems and recommending solutions.
     54== 4.0 Quality Assurance ==
     55Tasks related to testing and ensuring code is of high quality.
     57== 5.0 User Interface ==
     58Tasks related to user experience research or user interface design and interactio