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    2929||~~Code a simple Photo post-production app (red eye remover)~~||UI design, C++|| ||
    3030||~~Code an Advanced Download Manager~~|| ||[ iGetter], [ FOLX]||
    31 ||Code a Music Manager that takes advantage of metadata|| ||[ CherryBlossom], [ MusicCollection]||
    32 ||Code a Personal Calendar|| ||[ Apple Calendar]||
    33 ||Code a Graphical Profiler/Tracer|| ||KCachegrind, AMD CodeAnalyst, Stackify||
    34 ||Code a Graphical Crash Reporter|| ||Apple Crash Reporter, Goolge Breakpad (MIT)||
    35 ||Code a graphical interface for Haiku's RemoteDesktop|| ||[ RemoteDesktop]||
    36 ||Code a ScreenReader for Haiku|| ||[ Haiku ticket on subject]
    37 ||Code a graphical event/syslog viewer|| ||[ Ticket on subject]||
    38 ||Code a speech recognition app|| ||[ Ticket on subject]||
     31||~~Code a Music Manager that takes advantage of metadata~~|| ||[ CherryBlossom], [ MusicCollection]||
     32||~~Code a Personal Calendar~~|| ||[ Apple Calendar]||
     33||~~Code a Graphical Profiler/Tracer~~|| ||KCachegrind, AMD CodeAnalyst, Stackify||
     34||~~Code a Graphical Crash Reporter~~|| ||Apple Crash Reporter, Goolge Breakpad (MIT)||
     35||~~Code a graphical interface for Haiku's RemoteDesktop~~|| ||[ RemoteDesktop]||
     36||~~Code a ScreenReader for Haiku~~|| ||[ Haiku ticket on subject]
     37||~~Code a graphical event/syslog viewer~~|| ||[ Ticket on subject]||
     38||~~Code a speech recognition app~~|| ||[ Ticket on subject]||
    3939||~~Code a Haiku notification Center~~|| ||[ Ticket on subject]||
    4040||Code a Currency Converter|| || ||
    4242||Code a vector graphics editor (reuse Icon-O-Matic code)|| || ||
    4343||Code a CountDown/StopWatch/TimeZoneCheck app|| || ||
    44 ||Code a Action Automation app|| ||Xnee, Apple Automator, Automise||
     44||~~Code a Action Automation app~~|| ||Xnee, Apple Automator, Automise||
    4545||Code a Video Manager|| ||[ cosmos] ||
    4646||Code a Subtitle Editor|| ||Gnome Subtitles||