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     1= Google Code-in Haiku Task Ideas 2018 =
     3This is the Haiku task brainstorm page for the [ Google Code-In] contest for 2018. 
     4As such, some or many of these may not end up being in our final released list of tasks that end up in Google Code-In.  '''If you are a student, DO NOT start working on these ahead of time as they are ALL subject to change.'''
     6With the (pending) release of Haiku R1Beta1, our aim for this year will be to help bring Haiku closer to Beta 2 release.  This will be a good chance for you to see your work end up in a released product!  We hope to have a large number of fun tasks this year.  Whether this is your first time learning about Haiku, or your second or third time competing in the Code-In, we will have tasks suited to a variety of skill levels.
     8For Haiku Users and Developers, this is your chance to suggest some task ideas that students would be able to complete in about 2-4 hours of work time spread out over a few days.  You can suggest bigger tasks, but they should be ones such that they could be broken down into smaller parts that fit this 2-4 hour timeline.