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Install and run HaikuPorter

Haiku uses HaikuDepot as its package manager, but this requires packages and a way to build these packages. We use the tool HaikuPorter to to do this by telling it to read 'recipe' files that contain all the instructions needed to successfully build the package for Haiku. These recipes files can be found in a database called HaikuPorts, which it hosted on GitHub.

Install and configure

Head over to the wiki on the HaikuPorts website and go to the section Setting Up HaikuPorts and follow the instructions on how to install HaikuPorter and the HaikuPorts database. Edit your haikuports.conf file to put your username in as the packager, for email address put your username "@gci.test". See the Tips section on that same wiki page to add an alias hp that saves having to type haikuporter with all its standard parameters.

Build a package

haikuporter --help shows the syntax and available parameters you need to build a package.

Check that haikuporter is working fine by building a simple recipe ("weather" is a good choice). This will allow you to make sure everything is configured properly and working as expected.

What to submit at the GCI task

  • Copy & paste the whole output when you build the package, including your haikuporter commandline, into a text file and upload it at the GCI site.
  • Find the package you've built and double-click to open in HaikuDepot. Install it and open the application (if it's a GUI app like Weather). Change the location to "San Francisco" and take a screenshot of the whole screen and upload it at the GCI site.


If despite all efforts something just doesn't work, always copy&paste all you wrote in Terminal and what was printed back out into a textfile to upload it at the GCI site. That works much better than screenshots.

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