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Run Haiku on Hardware and report results

For this task you will be running Haiku on "bare metal", i.e. real hardware. Be aware that Haiku may crash causing massive data loss, so be sure to not run this on any system where there is important data. You've been warned.

Make note of the Hardware you are running on

For this testing you should take note of what hardware you are running it on, and keep track of any issues you find. Check that Haiku boots, or doesn't. If not, where did it get stuck. What video chipset does it have? Audio chipset, etc...

Discuss the results of your findings with a mentor. If there are issues found you may end up opening new trac tickets. We will want your syslog file and the output of listdev run in a terminal (listdev > myhardwarelist.txt).

If it fails to boot, we may need screenshots or photos of your screen. Try out the various boot menu options to see if turning off some features allows it to boot further than others. To get to the boot menu, press and hold <LEFT SHIFT> during the boot process.

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