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    1818* The Steps are the step by step instructions on how to carry out the test correctly.
    20 === Test Plan example ===
     20=== Test Plan examples ===
     21==== web ====
    2223||=User Action=||=Precondition=||=Expected Results=||=Steps=||
    2324||Dragging & dropping midi files onto MidiPlayer while playing||Put two midi files that you will test somewhere convenient, like on your desktop.||The old song stops and the new midi song is played.||Start playing the first midi file. !|| Drag & drop the second midi file onto the MidiPlayer window||
    2425||Disable and re-enable the Scope||The main window is open||When disabled the midi plays successfully and the scope is not displayed, when re-enabled midi plays successfully and the scope is displayed.||Uncheck the check box marked scope !|| The check box is then unckecked !|| Click the button marked play !|| Stop the midi from playing !|| Check the scope checkbox !|| The checkbox is then checked !|| Click play||
     27==== files ====
     28You can download an [ example test plan here] and [ simplified template] for you to edit for your task. They are both CSV files ([ comma separated values file]), which is the same format that you need to submit your work as.
     30They can either be opened using a spreadsheet application where you just edit the cells, or you can open it in a text editor where you have to deal the formatting yourself, but which is more powerful.
     32On Haiku you can download the spreadsheet application SumIt from the HaikuDepot app store and the advanced text editor application Pe is currently bundled with all copies of the Haiku operating system. On Windows you can use Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Notepad, while on Mac you can Apple Numbers and Apple TextEdit. On Linux you can use Gnumeric or Calligra Sheets and the text editors gedit or KWrite.