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    1717* The ''steps'' are the step by step instructions on how to carry out the test correctly. (Use two pipes "!||" to separate each step.)
    1818* The ''expected results'' or ''expected outcome'' is what is actually ment to happen at the end of the feature test.
     19* Together these form a ''test case'', which when grouped together is a ''test plan''.
    2021=== Test Plan examples ===
    3233On Haiku you can download the spreadsheet application SumIt from the HaikuDepot app store and the advanced text editor application Pe is currently bundled with all copies of the Haiku operating system. On Windows you can use Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Notepad, while on Mac you can use Apple Numbers and Apple TextEdit. On Linux you can use Gnumeric or Calligra Sheets and the text editors gedit or KWrite.
     35=== Tips for creating test cases ===
     36* Check out the Haiku User Guide's [ section on included applications]; it often covers advanced features.
     37* Does the the application have any keyboard shortcuts that could be tested?
     38* What happens when you change the system font size?
     39* Can files be draged and droped onto the application in order to open them?
     40* Do all the buttons do what they are expected to do?
     41* Do the menu bar items work as intended?
     42* Check the [ Ubuntu qa website] for a similar application to the one in your task and then look at things they test it for.