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    7676        * Fix and improve Haiku's mail system (which [ tickets] exactly has yet to be decided).
     78Haiku features an integrated mail management system allowing to manage your mail using Tracker, the file explorer. This system needs some improvements and updates.
    7880        * 3rd Party Applications
    7981                * [ IM Kit]
    8082                * [ Caya] -- Planned to eventually replace IM Kit
     84Caya and IMKit are to IM what the Mail Daemon is to mail : they integrate your IM contacts into the system. IM Kit is an application from the BeOS era, but was still alive until not so long ago. Caya is a rewrite from scratch, to build a cleaner codebase. Both of them may need your help to get better protocol supports (Caya only does jabber as of now), or to get better features (voice & video may be an example).
    8186                * [ Services Kit]
    8287                        * [ Summary]
    8388                        * [ Mailing List thread]
    8489                        * [ May contain additional threads]
     91The Service Kit is a planned feature in Haiku, nothing is written yet besides some design ideas. It would make most web-2.0 sites and social networks available right on your desktop, with seamless desktop integration. Using RSS feeds and other public APIs, it would download things from the web and expose them in an easy to use interface with a native feeling, integrated in the system and not locked into a webpage.
    8593                * WebKit based browser
     95Haiku has a webkit port since GSoC 2009. There is a browser being written, but it still lacks some features. Improve it. (not easy to describe more in detail since the browser is evolving quite fast)
    8697                * OpenJDK
     99Haiku is not able to run Java. Port OpenJDK so this language can be used in Haiku, to run applets and other apps.
    88101        * full NFSv4 client with xattr support and caching
     103Haiku has an NSF client, but using the out of date NFSv2 specification and the old filesystem API. This makes it unuseable for any practical purpose. Also, the current implementation doesn't support caching, which makes it slow, and lacks xattr handling, which is very important in Haiku.
    90105        * Utilizing aspects of 3rd party software
    91106                * Creating Text Translators from OpenOffice
     108Translators allows apps to automatically open documents in any format. The documents format are quite common and well documented, so Haiku apps should be able to read them. Write a translator so this becomes possible.
    93110        * Integrating software into Haiku
    107124                * [ CD/DVD burning application] Maybe update Burnit Now
     126Haiku is a brand new system, but sometimes it is wiser to reuse an existing codebase than growing our own. This is a list of applications that may be integrated in Haiku releases, because they are needed for everyday basic tasks. Some of them were not updated for a long time and expect to run on a BeOS R5 system. Some others may be written in a coding style very different from ours. Update one (or more) of these and get it nicely integrated in Haiku source tree.
    109128        * Native GUI for:
    110129                * Transmission
    111130                * VLC
     132Some software we use are ports from other systems. Currently, Transmission and VLC are working, but only on the command line. Write a nice native GUI using the Be API for them.
    113134        * Hardware profiling tool
    114135                * an application for creating a hardware database.
     137Haiku supports a wide range of hardware, but there may be problems in some cases, be it a missing driver, an outdated one, or a nasty bug. Write an application that gathers all the available information about a computer running haiku, and generate a report file users can send to the devs when they report bugs. This would help building an hardware compatibility matrix that would both help people to select what computer to buy, and help devs select what device to test and fix.
    116139        * Language bindings in SWIG
    119142                * ...
     144Scripting languages should be able to use the system API directly. Python and Perl have an object-oriented approach that would allow using the Be API and using the full power of the Be API right inside your scripts. This includes displaying windows, but also accessing the locale kit, or other native stuff.
    121146        * Maybe something involving HaikuPorts?
    122147                * improving HaikuPorter to work more like FreeBSD's ports  -- python programming
     149HaikuPorter is the tool used to collect infprmation about ports from the unix world (or elsewhere) to Haiku, and building packages from this information. It needs some improvements.
    124151        * Jam build system enhancements.
    125152                * like what...?  generic wrapper for autotools, makefiles. This would help integrate existing projects into Haiku's source tree or 3rdparty folder
     154Haiku use the jam build system for managing the source tree. This creates problems when importing an existing library (ICU, freetype), because most of them use autotools instead. Until now, devs rewritten the build systems of these libs using jam. It may be better to allow wrapping autotools directly, so jam would lauch the correct autotools procedure without having to mess with the imported files.
    127156        * Enhancements for Virtualization Software
     158Haiku works nicely both on real hardware and virtualized machines, but lacks most of the so-called "guest additions" that allows smoother integration with the host. This include changing resolution on window resize, mouse automatically switching from host to guest and back, file sharing. Write such a guest addition package for virtualbox or/and vmware
    129160        * Universal Spell Checker, built upon the WordServices SDK. note: see [ Spill Chucker]
     162Integrate a spell checker to the Haiku API, so all apps can request it to find mistakes in a BTextView or some other custom widgets, and highlight them.
    131164        * Improving [ QT4 port]
     166Haiku now has a qt4 port, but it is far from perfect. Fix bugs, make it look more native.
    133168        * IPv6 '''Mentor Needed! '''
     170IPv6 is a new network protocol that allows easier management of the Internet. Without it, at some point Haiku will be unable to join any network. Write an IPv6 protocol handler and integrate it to Haiku's network stack.
    135172        * CUPS
     174CUPS is used on most UNIX system to manage printers. The Haiku project would like to recycle their drivers and not write new ones for every available printer. Either port CUPS itself and integrate it to the printing kit in Haiku, or make the printing kit able to use CUPS driver files.
    137176        * Gallium3d
     178Gallium3d is a software stack allowing faster hardware acceleration in a more cross-platform way. Some work was started to make it run on Haiku, but it lacks a kernel module for handling DRM, so the drivers upper in the stack can plug to it. Write such a module and bring 3d acceleration to Haiku.
    140180== 2009 ==
    141181See official page here: []