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added AbiWord to those that can use cairo

Google Summer Of Code 2009 Ideas for Haiku

Here's a list of some of the ideas that have been discussed on the Haiku Development Mailing List

  • usb_webcam driver
    • make it portable to other OSes
    • fix bugs
    • add more webcams
  • usb_video (UVC) driver -- for higher end webcams and other devices
  • GCC4 Native toolchain
  • DriveSetup -- finish implementation
  • bootman -- finish implementation
  • IPv6 support
  • Improve "ata" bus_manager (adding DMA and ATAPI support) - assuming it's still not finished by GSoC time that is
  • Improve PCI bus_manager resource-allocation/management (see tickets: #3 #4 #5 )
  • Port (any) 3d driver to our hardware-acceleration plugin model (perhaps either the Intel, or AMD reference drivers?)
  • Complete the port of FreeBSD wireless stack and at least one driver (would depend on progress made in the meantime I guess)
  • Add OpenBFS support to FUSE (so other OSes could read/write BFS volumes)
  • Add PCMCIA support
  • Add ExpressCard support (not sure what would actually be needed for this, but at least hot-pluggable support on top of PCIe I suppose)
  • Media Encoding support see ticket #1043 others?
  • Testing infrastructure for the media add-ons.
  • Generic S/PDIF support in media kit, ie not special cased by the application
  • AC-3 encoding support -> S/PDIF, for 5.1 support to receivers in Media Kit
  • Add support to OpenBFS for SSD, Transparent compression, Allocate-on-flush, Online defragmentation, Sparse files, Delayed allocation, Persistent preallocation, and Journal checksumming like Btrfs and ext4

Sharing tasks with other projects

  • AbiWord: update/redo the BeOS port.
  • OpenOffice: Some steps have been documented on the EducOOo wiki and it was planned on doing it as part of it, but maybe some steps could be done as SoC.
  • VideoLAN: update the port and rewrite the BeOS GUI.
  • OpenJDK didn't seem to have participated, but maybe they would help with the java port.
  • NetSurf port: NetSurf participated last year and is planning this year's tasks. Again having a common task might appeal to Google.
    • improve Haiku support (GUI, bookmark/cache/download backends, printing, prefs, ...).
  • Eclipse: we could probably use a native eclipse toolkit port, once we get Java :)
  • Cairo: BeOS/Haiku specific code needs updating, we need that for Firefox, AbiWord, and probably other things too...
  • BZFlag: Was ported to BeOS long ago, updating the port would probably not be enough for a single task, but might keep

someone busy after he's done with his job :)

  • ARM port: participated in 2007, maybe they'd be interested in sponsoring an ARM port
  • Mono: partial port was started in 2008.
  • wxWidget: there is a port started (called wxBeOS), but no one had time to finish it.
  • WINE: port to Haiku
  • Continue WebKit Port -syncing ryan's most recent code with the latest svn/git/whatever tree. -removing bugs and other issues on it
  • Transmission update the BeOS GUI to work with branch 1.4x's GUI
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