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Initial draft for 2010 ideas.

Google Summer of Code Ideas for Haiku =


See official page here:

Work In Progress: 2010


  • Should be peripherary projects that will not affect any timelines for the project.
  • Published ideas need at least one person willing to be mentor.
  • Maybe we can mention which ideas require a mentor to be found ?


  • Make sure every idea has a detailed explanation
  • Create a list of small tasks -- or at least guidelines as the type of tasks that can be piggy-backed on another project
  • Provide links to or at least mention:
    • relevant parts of the source tree
    • relevant chapters in BeBook
  • existing bug tickets
  • persons who can discuss the topic -- this is primarily for the admins, to help redirect inquiries.
    • eg. NickName is currently on IRC or AnotherNickName reads the mailing lists.

Actual Ideas

  • Non R1 tasks:
  • TTY Layer
  • Remote app_server -- user-friendly integration
  • Finalize new driver architecture & rewrite drivers
  • Updating & Utilizing RamFS
    • detect available memory at boot.
    • create drives based on some rules
    • /tmp should be mounted as ramfs -- for both RW & RO medium
    • create a true live cd experience.
      • keep settings on ramfs.
      • write to a secondary disk at shutdown or at 'sync'
      • read imagefile from disk to ramfs at boot
  • Non-x86 Ports:
    • Atari Falcon
    • ARM
    • PowerPC
    • Mipsel
  • Improving POSIX support
  • 3rd Party Applications
    • IM Kit
    • Services Kit
    • WebKit based browser
    • OpenJDK
  • Utilizing aspects of 3rd party software
    • Creating Text Translators from OpenOffice
  • Intergrating software into Haiku
  • Native GUI for:
    • Transmission
    • VLC
  • Updating applications to use layout manager.
  • Hardware profiling tool
    • an application for creating a hardware database.
  • Language bindings in SWIG
    • python
    • perl
    • ...
  • Maybe something involving HaikuPorts?
    • improving HaikuPorter to work more like FreeBSD's ports
  • Jam build system enhancements.
    • like what...? generic wrapper for autotools, makefiles. This would help intergrate existing projects into Haiku's source tree or 3rdparty folder
  • Enhancements for Virtualization Software

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