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Legacy Network Kit (BeOS R5)

BeOS R5 contained a set of classes that provided C++ networking classes. The core of the functionality was in HaikuBook/LegacyNetworkKit/BNetEndpoint BNetEndpoint? which represented a network endpoint that could be bound to a local address, or be connected to a remote endpoint. Data was sent using HaikuBook/LegacyNetworkKit/BNetBuffer BNetBuffer? as an intermediary. This class enabled sending and receiving data without doing too much memory management. The final part of the kit is the HaikuBook/LegacyNetworkKit/BNetAddress BNetAddress? class, which is an object that represents a local or remote address.

Haiku is fully compatible with the BeOS R5 network kit, but we suggest you use the updated HaikuBook/NetworkKit Network Kit? when writing new(er) software.

List of Classes