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L2cap under
network/protocols/l2cap :
Provides socket interface to have l2cap channels. L2CAP offers connection oriented and connectionless sockets. But bluetooth stack as this point has no interchangeability with TCP/IP, A Higher level Bluetooth profile must be implemented

HCI under
src/add-ons/kernel/bluetooth :
Here we have 2 modules, one for handling global bluetooth data structures such as connection handles and L2cap channels, and frames

H2generic under
The USB driver, implementing the H2 transport Bluetooth kit under src/kit/bluetooth C++ implementation based on JSR82 api

Bluetooth Server under
Basically handling opened devices (local connected fisically in our system) and forwaring kit calls to them

Bluetooth Preferences under
Configuration using the kit

Test applications under

There is a small prototype component which is not here documented below src/add-ons/bluetooth/ResetLocalDevice. Its intention was to be an add-on of bluetooth preferences, So that new HCI commands could be customized by users or external developers. I did not like at the end the idea, I did not find the flexibility I wanted.

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