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    11[ HardwareInfo][[BR]]
    3 == EZ-USB FX ==
    4 Names etc are from Wikipedia and the Chip name from Haiku
    6 Driver used : none[[BR]]
    8 === Cypress ===
    9 ||=Card=||=Chip=||
    11 == EZ-USB FX1 ==
    12 Names etc are from Wikipedia and the Chip name from Haiku
    14 Driver used : none[[BR]]
    16 === Cypress ===
    17 ||=Card=||=Chip=||
    194== EZ-USB FX2 ==
    2611||Turbosight TBS5680 DVB-C CI||cy7c68013||
    2712||Turbosight TBS5880 DVB-T2/T/C CI||cy7c68013||
     13||Turbosight TBS5881 DVB-T2/T/C CI hybrid||cy7c68013||
     14||Turbosight TBS5922 DVB-S Q-Box S2||cy7c68013||
    2815||Artec T14A||cy7c68013||
    2916||DViCO FusionHDTV5 USB nano||cy7c68013||
    3017||DVBWorld DVB-S 2102A||cy7c68013||
    3118||DVBWorld DVB-S2 2104||cy7c68013||
     19||Pinnacle PCTV Sat Pro USB 450e||cy7c68013||
    3220||TeVii S650||cy7c68013||
    3321||Acorp DS120||cy7c68013||
    3422||Nextorm NBS240||cy7c68013||
    3523||SatStar2 USB2.0 Box||cy7c68013||
     24||Dexatek DS-5702||cy7c68013||
    3625||Dexatek DK-5702||cy7c68013||
     26||Geniatech HD Star DVB-S2 rev:1.5||cy7c68013||
     27||Geniatech HD Star DVB-S2 rev:2.1||cy7c68013||
     28||Geniatech HD Star DVB-S2 rev:3.0||cy7c68013||
     29||DVBSKY S860||cy7c68013||
     30||DVBSKY S960||cy7c68013||
     31||Mystique SaTiX-S2 Sky USB rev:1||cy7c68013||
     32||Mystique SaTix S2 USB rev:2||cy7c68013||
    3733||TerraTec Cinergy S USB Mac||cy7c68013||
     34||AVerMedia AverTV Hybrid Volar HX A827||cy7c68013a||
    3835||AVerMedia AVerTVHD Volar A868R||cy7c68013a||
    3936||DViCO FusionHDTV5 USB Gold||cy7c68013a||
    4037||DViCO FusionHDTV5 USB Master||cy7c68013a||
     38||JH Full HD Digital TV Receiver||cy7c68013a||
    4139||Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-1950||cy7c68013a||
     40||Hauppauge WinTV-CI||cy7c68013a||
     41||Pinnacle PCTV 60e||cy7c68013a||
     42||Pinnacle PCTV 200e||cy7c68013a||
     43||Pinnacle PCTV 260e||cy7c68013a||
     44||Pinnacle PCTV DVB-T Pro USB||cy7c68013a||
     45||Pinnacle PCTV Sat HDTV Pro USB 452e||cy7c68013a||
     46||AzureWave DVB-S2 AD-SB300 7050||cy7c68013a||
    4247||OnAir USB HDTV||cy7c68013a||
    4348||OnAir USB HDTV Creator||cy7c68013a||
    5459||Geniatech T220||cy7c68013a||
    5560||Geniatech T230||cy7c68013a||
     61||TechnoTrend TT-TVStick||cy7c68013a||
    5662||TechnoTrend TT-connect S-2400||cy7c68013a||
     63||TechnoTrend TT-connect S2-3600||cy7c68013a||
     64||TechnoTrend TT-connect S2-3650||cy7c68013a||
    5765||TechnoTrend TT-connect CT-3650||cy7c68013a||
    5866||TechnoTrend TT-TVStick CT2-4400 rev:1||cy7c68013a||
    6270||DVBSky T330||cy7c68013a||
    6371||DVBSky T330C||cy7c68013a||
    64 ||DVBWorld DVB-C USB||cy7c68013a||
    6572||TechniSat CableStar Combo HD CI||cy7c68013a||
    6673||TechniSat SkyStar USB plus||cy7c68013a||
     74||Technisat SkyStar USB HD||cy7c68013a||
     75||Technisat SkyStar USB 2 HD CI||cy7c68013a||
     76||DVBWorld DVB-C USB 3101||cy7c68013a||
    6777||DVBWorld DVB-S 2102B||cy7c68013a||
    6878||DVBWorld DVB-S 2102C||cy7c68013a||
     79||DVBWorld HD FTA 2104A||cy7c68013a||
     80||DVBWorld HD FTA 2104B||cy7c68013a||
     81||DVBWorld HD FTA 2104C||cy7c68013a||
     82||DVBWorld HD FTA 2104D||cy7c68013a||
     83||DVBWorld HD FTA 2104E||cy7c68013a||
     84||DVBWorld HD CA+CI 2104C||cy7c68013a||
     85||DVBWorld HD CA+CI 2104D||cy7c68013a||
    6986||Siemens Opera S1||cy7c68013a||
     87||AME DTV-5100||cy7c68013a||
     88||Leadtek WinFast PalmTop TV||cy7c68013a||
     89||TechGear DigitalTV Stick TGTV-490||cy7c68013a||
     90||TerraTec Cinergy S USB||cy7c68013a||
     91||TerraTec Cinergy S2 USB||cy7c68013a||
    7092||Turbosight USB DVB-S Q-Box||cy7c68013a||
     93||Turbosight USB DVB-S2 Q-Box CI TBS5980||cy7c68013a||
     94||Turbosight USB ISDB-T Stick||cy7c68013a||
     95||DVBHD 2080U||cy7c68013a||
    7196||AOC ConnecTV Digital||cy7c68014a||
    7297||GoTView SatelliteHD USB2.0 DVB-S2||cy7c68014a||
    7398||KWorld PlusTV Hybrid USB Stick Pro||cy7c68014a||
    7499||ezUSB A20 USB 2.0 Development Board||cy7c68014a||
     100||Dynaconnective DY-UD200||cy7c68053a||
     102== EZ-USB FX3 ==
     103Names etc are from Wikipedia and the Chip name from Haiku
     105Driver used : none[[BR]]
     107=== Cypress ===
     109||Yuan UB530||cyusb3014||
     110||AVerMedia ExtremeCap U3 cv710||cyusb3014||