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     1Since the switch to git, branches are not inside the main development tree anymore. This means a lot of work happens out of sight.
     3This page is a first attempt to :
     4 * Give some hints on how to work with these for those of us not knowing git well enough
     5 * Trying to give these branches a bit more visibility by giving the URL and a short description of the work going on and status.
     7= Getting changes from a branch =
     9= Available branches =
     10== Axel IMAP rewrite ==
     13The current IMAP code in Haiku is quite buggy and apparently led to data loss in some cases. This branch is a work in progress rewrite of the whole IMAP code to bring it in better shape.
     15== Package management ==
     19The package management in Haiku takes an approach that touches a lot of things in the OS, down to the bootloader. It is basically working now, but the main consequence for applications is that a lot of places are now made out of packages and are read-only. This gets some apps in trouble, so it wasn't merged yet in the development trunk.