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Here is a list of tasks that need to be performed in order to migrate to Git. They are sorted by order of importance.

Phase 0: Absolutely required

  • Collect a set of getting started docs to get people started. (No need to write our own, but a good list of references to prevent people from stumbling on more occult or outdated uses of Git)
  • Codify a set of central repository guidelines (who gets to create new branches, tagging policy, no rewriting of history, etc).
  • And implement these in a series of server hooks
  • Go through everything on [dev/www] and update instructions to switch to git
  • Set up e-mail, CIA hooks
  • Set up a mirror to github/gitorious
  • Improve/check gitweb setup or move to cgit
  • nielx - Write a plug-in for Trac to link to the gitweb/cgit changesets
  • Update build-o-matic for Git

Phase 1: Equal functionality

  • Improve TracGit (or homecooked plugin) for speed.

Phase 2: Icing on the cake

  • Implement pulling and pushing patches to Trac
  • Implement support for Git diffs in Trac
  • Implement an autocommit feature
  • Haiku GUI for Git (ports of git gui and gitk and a proper diff tool)
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