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The current & official Trademark Policy is available on the main project website.

By no means, should this document be considered official

Rather, it is a work in progress. It is expected that devising a sound Trademark Policy will take some time. This page serves as a mechanism to foster it's development. Discussions may occur on Haiku's General Mailing List.

This outlines various aspects of Mozilla's Trademark Policy. Some of my own thoughts are intermingled as well. The purpose of this is to identify which aspects should or should not be integrated into Haiku's trademark policy. Once that is established, the wording can be refined.

  1. Introduction
    1. Few word summary of what this document is about. b Purpose of Trademark Policy
      1. Protect the Haiku brand
      2. Detail the ways in which 3rd parties may and may not use Haiku's Trademarks
    2. Mention this Trademark Policy can be updated in the future, to include additional trademarks or other policy revisions.

  1. Overall Guideline for Printed Materials & Web Sites
    1. Proper Form
    2. Accompanying Symbol -- registered trademark ("®") or an unregistered trademark ("™")
    3. Notice -- eg, "Haiku is trademark of Haiku, Inc."
    4. Distinguishable -- the first reference to the trademark should visibly stand out.
    5. Comply with Visual Guidelines
    6. Provide a collection of graphics for web related use
    7. Provide a collection of for-print material

  1. Software Distributions
    1. Unaltered binaries, which are provided by Haiku as official releases, may be redistributed under the following conditions
      1. no cost or fee is charged to the person receiving the software.
      2. the distributor complies with this Trademark Policy.
      3. the distributor complies with any source code licenses that are included in Haiku and it's included software. This particularly includes providing the source code for GPL and similar licenses.
    2. Unofficial binaries.
      1. (Compiling Haiku yourself from source code)
      2. We currently have no mechanism for taking a binary version of Haiku and easily see which options were used in compiling it. Think of Firefox's "about:buildconfig"
      3. IMO, we should disallow individuals from distributing self-built binaries that include the trademarks. Why? because Haiku's build system itself allows the creation of binaries that go against the official releases. This includes the GCC used, GPL addons, debugging settings, stray items in UserBuildConfig, possible errors due to using emulated attributes, installing different OptionalPackages, ...,
    3. Modified binaries.
      1. Require Approval from Haiku Inc. or the Trademarks to be removed. You are allowed to say "incorporating Haiku source code", "based on Haiku technology".
        1. compiling modified source code
        2. re-packaging pre-built binaries to either add, remove, or otherwise alter files.
      2. Commercial Entities seeking to bundle their software with Haiku should contact us on the general mailing list.
    4. Official Localized Releases
      1. Internationalization is a work in progress for Haiku and it will eventually be included in official releases.
      2. Until then, if there is a need for a localized version of Haiku, you may either :
        1. ideally contact us via the general mailing list, to work with the project in an officially recognized manner.
        2. distribute the software in compliance with this Trademark Policy and without Haiku's Trademarks.

  1. Linking (3rd parties linking to Haiku's websites)
    1. Visitors should not be confused or misled into visiting another 3rd party site, download, or advert.
    2. Provide graphics for
      1. downloading official releases
      2. eg
    3. Allowed Usage:
      1. Follow this Trademark Policy
      2. URLs resolve to Haiku's official download site.
        1. using graphics for any other destination, such as another website or a non-official binary is not allowed.
      3. Haiku Trademarks are not altered.
      4. Customizing web graphics
        1. modify background color
        2. localize any non-Trademark text. eg "Download Now".
        3. dimensions, by way of scaling and not cropping.
    4. Using Trademarks as Site Icons(favicons)
      1. Permission is required
  1. Domain Names
    1. "If you want to include all or part of a Mozilla trademark in a domain name, you have to receive written permission from Mozilla."
    2. IMO, this is an issue. There are numerous 3rdparty sites that include "Haiku" in their domain name.
    3. Perhaps some sort of disclaimer "<Domain Name> is not affiliated with the Haiku Project, nor Haiku Inc."
  1. Services Related to Haiku Software
    1. Downloading Haiku must not be connected to purchasing your services.
  1. Haiku Marks and Merchandise
    1. Producing hard goods with Haiku Trademarks:
      1. For personal use: OK
      2. For commercial endeavor: NOT OK. Not to even cover the costs of making them.
        1. Permission is required for selling any goods that contain Haiku Trademarks.
  1. Things You Can Do--Summary
    1. Short summary of what is allowed without needing approval or permission from Haiku
  1. Reporting Trademark Abuse
    1. Provide contact form
  1. Questions
    1. When in doubt ask. An acceptable communication is through Haiku's General Mailing List.
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