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    2828   * `--build-cross-tools` and `--build-cross-tools-gcc4` have been merged. The (packaging) architecture must always be specified.
    2929   * `--build-cross-tools` and `--cross-tools-prefix` can be given multiple times to specify hybrid builds. Only for the first `--build-cross-tools` the path to the build tools must be given.
     30 For example, for building the default configuration of Haiku from a file system with propery xattr support, your configure options could look like this:[[br]]
     31 {{{$ ./configure --build-cross-tools x86_gcc2 ../buildtools --build-cross-tools x86 --use-xattr}}}
    3032   * The new option `--target-arch` has been introduced for use on Haiku for builds with the native compiler. By default, if neither `--build-cross-tools` nor `--cross-tools-prefix` are specified the build is configured for a (hybrid) configuration matching the host system's (i.e. on a gcc2/gcc4 hybrid the build is configure for that configuration as well, on a pure gcc4 Haiku you'd get a gcc4 build). `--target-arch` overrides the default, allowing to specify the architecture to build for. The option can be given multiple times to specify a hybrid configuration. E.g. "--target-arch x86_gcc2 --target-arch x86" specifies a gcc2/gcc4 hybrid and can be used on a gcc2/gcc4 or gcc4/gcc2 Haiku.
    3133   * The new option `--use-xattr-ref` can be used when extended attributes are available, but their size limit prevents use of `--use-xattr` (e.g. with ext4). The build system will use a slightly different version of the generic attribute emulation via separate files that involves tagging the attributed files with a unique ID, so there cannot be any mixups between attributes or different files when the inode ID of a file changes or files with attributes get deleted without removing their attribute files.