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    33=== packagefs ===
    4   * Prepare for use in a chroot environment. Currently it resolves the package directory path in the kernel I/O context. This is only a problem for packagefs mounted after chroot (low priority).
    54  * Support packages being copied to the `packages` directory. Currently only moving works.
    6   * Provide information about active packages to the tools that need it (e.g. the package solver).
    75  * If necessary, add a caching mechanism to speed up mounting it.
    97=== Build system ===
    108  * Before creating packages (e.g. the user guide), all files must be identified, since packagefs is read-only.
     9  * Add hybrid support.
    1211=== Package building ===
    1918=== Package kit/manager ===
    20   * Implement the package solver (as Oliver proposed based on libsolv).
    21     * Status: There's a [ WIP port] of libsolv. It's more or less complete, but mostly untested (a reasonable amount of packages are needed to test it). The Haiku solver API is missing yet.
     19  * Implement the package solver based on libsolv.
     20    * Status: There's a [ WIP port] of libsolv. It's more or less complete and working OK as far as tested. The Haiku solver API is partially done.
    2221  * Extend the package kit and the (CLI) package manager to support adding, removing, and updating packages. That probably also involves work on a server-side (i.e. repository) part.
    2322  * Implement a GUI package manager.
    2827=== Package/package repository format ===
     28  * Add a package attribute (string) that specifies a base package of a package. For most ported software, the files resulting from a built are usually separated into different packages (base, develop, debug-info, doc, etc.). All of these packages should be installed in the same installation location, since they have been built with the same installation prefix. In order to enforce such a constraint, one of the packages should be declared in the "requires" list of the others and they should additionally use the new attribute to identify it as the base package.
    2929  * Remove B_HPKG_ATTRIBUTE_ID_PACKAGE_PROVIDES_TYPE ("package:provides.type"). The type is encoded in the name anyway.
    3030  * Add support for repository keys (public/private) and package signing/check sums, so that it is possible to verify that data retrieved from a repository have not been tempered with.