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By no means, should this document be considered official

This is an idea of how to formalize the process of requesting funds. The intention is to expose this information to project contributors, providing them an opportunity to utilize the financial assets that have been received.

How to Request Funding from Haiku Inc.

Payment Details

  • Electronic Fund Transfers will incur costs at receiver's expense and may include bank fees and internal processing fees.
  • PayPal is the preferred method.
  • Submitting receipts or proofs of purchase is ideal -- either scanning, photograph, or snail mailing hard copies.
  • When applicable, it is preferred to itemize requests into the following groups:
    • Travel
    • Lodging
    • Food stipend
    • Conference Fees

For all payments, a blog entry/article/news post from the receiver is appreciated. This is to summarize how the funds were used to further Haiku.


  • The developer creates & submits a proposal. (to where?, [haiku-inc], [haiku-development], [haiku])
  • Other developers review the proposition & determines:
    • if the costs are reasonable
    • if proposition is acceptable.
  • The proposal is submitted to the website and fund raising begins.


  • The details of the planned work are explained.
  • The end goal needs to be something quantifiable.
  • An outline of implementation will display a thorough understanding of the proposed task.
  • An estimate of the time required, eg days, weeks, months
  • Pricetag in USD.
  • Preferred payment schedule
    • single at end of term
    • 1/2 at midterm, 1/2 at end of term

Trade Shows

  • For new shows that have not received funding in the past, the following information is needed.
    • Name of the conference.
    • URL for additional information
    • Duration of conference
    • Fees directly associated with conference
      • entrance fee
      • electricity
      • insurance
    • Fees indirectly associated:
      • Travel -- mileage, airfare
      • Lodging
      • Parking
      • A stipend of $17/day (aka $5, $7, $5) can be requested to assist with nutritional needs.


Purchases includes a variety of items: hardware, marketing materials, documentation, presentation equipment, ...,

  • What the item is.
  • Why you want it.
    • eg, develop a driver
    • eg, to use at trade shows
    • eg, replace faulty hardware
  • How much it costs.
  • Where to ship it.
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