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Command Function Version Part of package?
CortexAddOnHost Starts service to monitor audio and video media add-ons in use.
ReadOnlyBootPrompt Language setup.
[ Check file types and compare values.
addattr Writes an attribute to a node, taking the type into account and converting the values accordingly.
alert Show a message box.
arp Manipulate the system ARP cache.
awk See gawk.3.1.3
base64 Base64 encode or decode to standard output. 8.4 GNU coreutils
basename Strip directory and optionally suffix from filenames. 8.4 GNU coreutils
bash Bourne-Again Shell 4.0.35
bc An arbitrary precision calculator language. 1.06
beep Ring a bell.
bootman Install or uninstall boot-menu.
bunzip2 See bzip2. 1.05
bzip2 Block-sorting file compressor. 1.05
c++ C++-Compiler 2.95.3
cal Display a calendar.
cat Concatenate files and print on the standard output. 8.4 GNU coreutils
catattr Show attributes of a node.
cc C-Compiler 2.95.3
checkfs Check file system.
checkitout Wraps URL mime types around command line applications or other apps that don't handle them directly.
chgrp Change group of files. 8.4 GNU coreutils
chmod Change file mode bits. 8.4 GNU coreutils
chop Split file into smaller files.
chown Change the owner and group of files. 8.4 GNU coreutils
chroot Run commands within specified root directory. 8.4 GNU coreutils
cksum Print CRC checksum and byte counts of files. 8.4 GNU coreutils
clear Clear the terminal window.
clockconfig Configure clock.
cmp Compare files byte by byte. 2.8.1 GNU diffutils
comm Compare sorted files line by line. 8.4 GNU coreutils
compress Data compression program. 4.0
consoled Console daemon
copyattr Copies attributes from one or more files or directories, with all or a specified subset of their attributes, to another location.
cp Copy files and directories. 8.4 GNU coreutils
csplit Output pieces of files separated by patterns to files and output byte counts of each piece to standard output. 8.4 GNU coreutils
ctags Generate an index file for a variety of lanugage objects found in files 5.7
cut Remove sections from each line of files. 8.4 GNU coreutils
date Display the current time in the given format or set the system date. 8.4 GNU coreutils
dc Desk Calculator language. 1.3 GNU bc
dd Copy a file, converting and formatting according operands. 8.4 GNU coreutils
desklink Link items in deskbar.
df Report file system disk space usage.
diff Compare files line by line. 2.8.1 GNU diffutils
diff3 Compare 3 files line by line. 2.8.1 GNU diffutils
dircolors Color setup for ls. 8.4 GNU coreutils
dirname Print path with its trailing component removed. 8.4 GNU coreutils
draggers Show/set draggers state.
driveinfo Show hardware information.
dstcheck Daylight Saving Time check.
du Summarize disk usage of each file, recursively for directories. 8.4 GNU coreutils
dumpcatalog [Leftover from the move of locale-kit.]
echo Display a line of text.
egrep See grep. 2.5.1 GNU grep
eject Eject removable media.
env Run a program in a modified environment. 8.4 GNU coreutils
error Prints clear text error messages for given error numbers.
expand Convert tabs in each file to spaces, writing to standard output. 8.4 GNU coreutils
expr Print value of expression to standard output. 8.4 GNU coreutils
factor Print the prime factors of each specified integer number. 8.4 GNU coreutils
false Do nothing, unsuccessfully. 8.4 GNU coreutils
fdinfo Shows info about the used file descriptors in the system.
ffm Set if focus follows mouse.
fgrep See grep. 2.5.1 GNU grep
filepanel Display a load/save file panel.
find Search for files in a directory hierarchy. 4.2.33
finddir Find directory using a constant.
fmt Reformat each paragraph in the listed files, wiritng to standard output. 8.4 GNU coreutils
fold Wrap input lines in each file, writing to standard output. 8.4 GNU coreutils
fortune Print a random, hopefully interesting, adage.
frcode Called by updatedb to compress the list of file names using front-compression. 4.2.33
freetype-config Get FreeType compilation and linking information. 9.20.3
ftp Internet file transfer program.
ftpd FTP daemon.
funzip Extracts to stdout the gzip file or first zip entry of stdin or the given file. 3.94
fwcontrol FireWire control program.
gawk Pattern scanning and processing language. 3.1.3
gdb GNU debugger. 6.3
getlimits Output platform dependent limits in a format useful for shell scripts. 8.4 GNU coreutils
grep Search for pattern. 2.5.1 GNU grep
groups Print group memberships for each username. 8.4 GNU coreutils
gunzip See gzip. 1.2.4
gzexe Compress and decompress executeables.
gzip Compress files. 1.2.4
hd Hexdump.
head Print the first 10 lines of each file to standard output. 8.4 GNU coreutils
hey A small scripting utility. 1.2.8
hostname Print or set the hostname of the current system. 8.4 GNU coreutils
id Print user and group information. 8.4 GNU coreutils
ident Identify RCS keyword in files.
ifconfig Configure a network interface.
install Copy files into destination locations. 8.4 GNU coreutils Install firmware for various wireless network cards.
installoptionalpackage Temporary solution for installing optional packages.
installsound Install a new named sound event in the sounds preferences panel.
iroster List input devices.
isvolume Get volume information.
join For each pair of input lines with identical jon fields, write a line to standard output. 8.4 GNU coreutils
kernel_debugger Enters the kernel debugger with the optional message.
keymap Show and edit keymap.
kill Send a signal to a process.
less Show file with backward and forward movement.
lessecho Echos its arguments on standard output. But any argument containing spaces is enclosed in quotes.
lesskey Specify key binding for less.
link Create a link to a file. 8.4 GNU coreutils
linkcatkeys [Leftover from the move of locale-kit.]
listarea Lists area info for all currently running teams.
listattr List file attributes.
listdev Display devices in a user friendly way.
listimage Lists image info for all currently running teams.
listport Lists all open ports in the system organized by team.
listres LIst resources of files.
listsem List the semaphores allocated by the specified team.
listusb List USB devices.
ln Make links between files.. 8.4 GNU coreutils
locate Locate a file. 4.2.33
logger Send a message to the system logging facility.
login Begin session on the system.
logname Print the name of the current user. 8.4 GNU coreutils
ls List directory content. 8.4 GNU coreutils
lsindex Display the indexed attributes on the current volume/partition.
mail2mbox Convert BeOS e-mail files into Unix mailbox files.
make GNU make utility to maintain groups of programs. 3.81
makebootable Makes the specified BFS partitions/devices bootable by writing boot code into the first two sectors.
mbox2mail Convert Unix mailbox files into e-mail files for use with BeOS..
md5sum Print or check MD5 checksums. 8.4 GNU coreutils
merge Three-way file merge.
message Print a message.
mimeset Set mimetype of a file.
mkdepend Makefile Dependency Generator. 1.7
mkdir Create directory. 8.4 GNU coreutils
mkdos Initialize FAT16 or FAT32 partitions.
mkfifo Create named pipes with the given names. 8.4 GNU coreutils
mkfs Build a file system.
mkindex Create a new index of the specified attribute.
mktemp Create a temporary file or directory, safely and print its name. 8.4 GNU coreutils
modifiers Asserts (un)pressed modifier keys.
more See less.
mount Mount a file system.
mount_nfs Mount NFS partition.
mountvolume Mounts a volume if given. Lists info about mounted and mountable volumes and mounts/unnmounts volumes.
mv Move file. 8.4 GNU coreutils
netcat Utility to do anyithing involving TCP or UDP..
netstat Print network connections, routing tables, interface statistics, masquerade connections and multicast memberships.
nl Write each file to standard output with line numbers added. 8.4 GNU coreutils
nohup Run command ignoring hangup signals. 8.4 GNU coreutils
nproc Print the number of processing units available to the current process which may be less than the number of online processors. 8.4 GNU coreutils
od Write an unambiguous representation, octal bytes per default of files to standard output. 8.4 GNU coreutils
open Launches an application/document from the shell.
passwd Change user password.
paste Write lines consisting of the sequentially corresponding lines from each file, separated by tabs to standard output. 8.4 GNU coreutils
patch Apply a diff file to an orignal.
pathchk Diagnose invalid or unportable file names. 8.4 GNU coreutils
pc Programmer's calculator.
ping Send ICMP-echo-request to network host.
play Play tracks from device.
playfile Play tracks from a file.
playsound Play a sound.
playwav Play wav-file.
pr Paginate or columnate files for printing. 8.4 GNU coreutils
printenv Print the values of the specified environment variables. 8.4 GNU coreutils
printf Format and print data.
prio Change priority of a process.
profile Profiles threads.
ps List running processes.
ptx Output a permuted index, including context, of the words in the input files. 8.4 GNU coreutils
pwd Print current directory.
query A shell utility for somewhat emulating the Tracker's "Find By Formula" functionality.
quit Quit application.
rc Resource compiler. 1.1
readlink Print value of a symbolic link or canonical file name. 8.4 GNU coreutils
reindex Put the attributes of existing files into newly created index of a volume/partition.
release Release a semaphore.
renice Alter priority of running process.
rlog Print log messages and other information about RCS files.
rm Remove files and directories. 8.4 GNU coreutils
rmattr Remove an attribute from a file.
rmdir Remove directory. 8.4 GNU. coreutils
rmindex Remove an attribute from the index of a volume/partition.
roster Print information about teams.
route List and manipulate network routes.
safemode Print if running in safemode.
screen_blanker Blank screen.
screenmode Sets the specified screen mode.
sdiff Side-by-side merge of file differences 2.8.1 GNU diffutils
seq Print numbers from FIRST to LAST, in steps of INCREMENT. 8.4 GNU coreutils
setdecor List and change decor.
setgcc Prints or sets the current gcc version.
settype Sets the MIME type, signature, and/or preferred application of one or more files.
setversion Show version of file.
setvolume Set the volume.
setwep Provides WEP encryption.
sh See bash. 4.0.35
sha1sum Print or check SHA1 checksums. 8.4 GNU coreutils
shar Makes so-called shell archives out of many files. 4.2.1 GNU sharutils
shred Overwrite the specified files repeatedly. 8.4 GNU coreutils
shuf Write a random permutation of the input lines to standard output. 8.4 GNU coreutils
shutdown Shutdown the computer.
sleep Pause for a specified number of seconds. 8.4 GNU coreutils
sort Write sorted concatenation of all files to standard output. 8.4 GNU coreutils
spamdbm Classif e-mail messages as spam and regular genuine messages.
split Output fixed-size pieces of input files to files with prefixes. 8.4 GNU coreutils
stat Display file or file system status. 8.4 GNU coreutils
strace Traces the syscalls of a thread or a team.
stty Print or change terminal characteristics. 8.4 GNU coreutils
su Change the effective user id and group. 8.4 GNU coreutils
sum Print checksum and block counts for each file. 8.4 GNU coreutils
sync Force changed blocks to disk, update the super block. 8.4 GNU coreutils
sysinfo Show system info.
tac Write each file to standard output, last line first. 8.4 GNU coreutils
tail Print the last 10 lines of each file to standard output. 8.4 GNU coreutils
tcpdump Dump traffic on a network. 3.9.5
tcptester [deprecated]
tee Copy standard input to each file and also to standard output. 8.4 GNU coreutils
telnet User interface to the telnet protocol.
telnetd Telnet daemon.
test Check file types and compare values.
timeout Start command and kill it if still running after a specified number of seconds. 8.4 GNU coreutils
top Display tasks.
touch Change file timestamps. 8.4 GNU coreutils
tput Initialize a terminal or query terminfo database.
tr Translate, squeeze and/or delete characters from the standard input, writing to standard output 8.4 GNU coreutils
traceroute Print the route packets trace to network host. 1.4a12
translate Translate app.
trash Send files to trash or restore them.
true Do nothing, successfully.
truncate Shrink or extend the size of each file to the specified size. 8.4 GNU coreutils
tsort Write totally ordered list consistent with the partial ordering in file. 8.4 GNU coreutils
tty Print the file name of the terminal connected to the standard output 8.4 GNU coreutils
uname Print certain system information. 8.4 GNU coreutils
unchop Recreate a file previously split with chop.
unexpand Convert blanks in each file to tabs, writing to standard output. 8.4 GNU coreutils
uniq Filter adjacent matching lines from input writing to output. 8.4 GNU coreutils
unlink Call the unlink function to remove the specified file. 8.4 GNU coreutils
unmount Unmount partition.
unrar Unrar file.
unshar Unshar file.
untrash See trash.
unzip Unzip file.
unzipsfx Extract files in list, except those specified. 5.50
updatedb Update a database for locate.
uptime Prints the current date and time, as well as the time elapsed since the system was started.
urlwrapper Wrap URL mime types around command line or other apps that don't handle them directly.
useradd Create new user.
uudecode Create the specified file, decoding as you go.
uuencode Encode a file so it can be mailed to a remote system.
vdir List information about files. 8.4 GNU coreutils
version Returns the version of a file.
vmstat Print system info.
waitfor Wait for process events.
watch Execute a program periodically.
wc Print newline, word and byte counts for each file. 8.4 GNU coreutils
wget The non-interactive network downloader. 1.12
which Locate a command.
whoami Print user name associated with the current effective user ID. 8.4 GNU coreutils
xargs Build and execute command lines from standard input. 4.2.33
xres List and mainpulate resources.
yes Output a string repeatedly until killed.
zcat See gzip. 1.2.4
zcmp See zdiff.
zdiff Compare compressed files.
zforce Force a '.gz' extension on all gzip files.
zgrep Search possibly compressed files for a regular expression.
zip Add or replace zipfile entries from list. 2.32
zipcloak Encrypt all unencrypted entries in a zip file. 2.32
zipgrep Searches the given zip members for a string or pattern.
zipinfo See unzip. 2.40
zipnote Write the comments in zipfile to stdout. 2.32
zipsplit Split a zip file into smaller pieces. 2.32
zmore Like 'more' but operate on the uncompressed contents of any compressed files.
znew Recompress .Z files into .gz (gzip) files
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