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Haiku Alpha 1 Status Whiteboard

This page acts as a status whiteboard for the Haiku R1 alpha 1 release. It should contain a list of tasks that need to be completed.

Release Schedule

On August 16, the following schedule was decided:

  • Sunday August 23rd, 12:00 GMT. The trunk will be branched so that the release team can work on optimizing the final image.
  • Wednesday September 9th, 12:00 GMT. There will be a tag. Builds will be made, tested and distributed to mirrors. Then the release can be announced.

Alpha 1 proposals

There was a discussion, then followed a vote, and now we have a list of proposals for alpha 1. Below is the final list of accepted proposals.

Status Updates

The status updates give an overview of the progress that is made towards alpha 1.

Blocker issues

These need to be fixed in order to release the alpha.

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Total of 0 open ticket(s).

Critical issues

If all the blocker items are resolved, these should be evaluated whether or not they block the alpha release.

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High priority issues

This is a list of items with things that would be very much appreciated for alpha 1, but they do not block the release.

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