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Summary of thread on haiku-development

Haiku Alpha 1 Status Whiteboard

This page acts as a status whiteboard for the Haiku R1 alpha 1 release. It should contain a list of tasks that need to be completed.

Discussion 7th of August

On the the 7th of August, Axel Dörfler started a discussion on the things to do in the thread Haiku R1/alpha decisions. Here's a summary of that discussion. Axel called for:

The aim of this thread should be to compile a complete list of things
we want to have in the first alpha release, be it feature or software.


  • BGA:
    Speaking in general terms, the important thing, even for an alpha, is 
    that we have no know bug that can cause data corruption. As long as 
    we reach a point where we are reasonably certain that this is the case, 
    everything else can be attributed to it being an alpha. :)
  • What about calling it DR1? Fredrik Modeen)
  • Welcome package
    • Initial idea: (Zenja Solaja)
      Even though the Alpha is primarily intended for developers (and should
      probably be called Developer Alpha to avoid confusion), there will be a
      lot of hobbyists who will like to try Haiku after hearing about it in the press.
       Even if they're fortunate enough to have 100% supported hardware, they
      will stare at an empty desktop and say "OK, now what?" 
    • User Guide
    • Links on the desktop
  • GCC 2/4 hybrid (Donn Cave)
    I don't know where your plans for gcc4 are at this point, but I personally
    am keenly interested in the rumored gcc2+gcc4 variant, whether in the
    alpha distribution itself or as a build from source option.  So I'm
    hopefully reminding that self-hosted gcc-4 will want to be part of the
    package, too.


  • BGA:
    Whatever we decide to include, it should be as complete and integrated as
    possible. For example, fixing Firefox drag & drop would be great. Also I
    am more in favor of native applications than ports, but there are cases
    where ports will be required
  • Development tools (including subversion).
    • Currently: gcc 2.95.3, autoconf-2.61, automake-1.10.1, bison-2.3, flex-2.5.35, jam, libtool-1.5.26, texinfo-4.11 and Perl 5.10 (Rene Gollent)
  • Firefox
  • OSS (Salvatore Benedetto)
  • BePDF (Michael Lotz)
  • julun:
    Are we allowed to ship the original BeBook as we have it on
  • Stephan Assmus:
    Personally, I'd love to see a few more media applications (sound), but I
    would also be ok with reducing it to just development related apps. I don't
    know how you guys feel about WonderBrush in that case. Hopefully this
    doesn't come across the wrong way, but maybe it is good to include a few
    more bigger apps besides just Firefox to show the system can support them.
    I'd be willing to provide an unlocked Haiku only version of WonderBrush.
  • Webkit (Ralf Schulke)
  • Vision (Ralf Schulke)
  • CVS (scott mc)
  • Git (scott mc)
  • Python (scott mc)
  • Box (scott mc)



  • BGA
    Sorry, but an updater is *ESSENTIAL*. Even if not fancy. By updater I mean a
    way for the user to easily check if there are fixes and to apply then without
    losing data or having to completely reinstall the system.

Status Updates

The status updates give an overview of the progress that is made towards alpha 1.

Blocker issues

These need to be fixed in order to release the alpha.

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Critical issues

If all the blocker items are resolved, these should be evaluated whether or not they block the alpha release.

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High priority issues

This is a list of items with things that would be very much appreciated for alpha 1, but they do not block the release.

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