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Improvements since R1/Alpha 4

Haiku R1 alpha 4 -- Release Date: 2012-11-14 -- Revision: hrevr1alpha4-44702

This page outlines some of the more notable changesets since then. Additions and corrections are encouraged.

Kernel Drivers or Filesystems

  • Virtio initial support: block device support
  • iso9960, exfat, fat: Corrected time conversion mistakes.
  • cdda, fat, iso9660: clear tv_nsecs fields in the stat struct.
  • bfs, btrfs, exfat, extfs: Return more than a single dirent at a time in btrfs_read_dir().


  • GCC 4.7.3


  • Switch to terminfo instead of termcap
  • haiku.image now supports the target x86_64
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