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Release Coordination

Current Task: Final feature additions
Release: R1, Alpha 5
Target ship date: July 1st, 2014

Tentative Schedule

May 27th Final feature additions
June 3rd Feature freeze, R1A5 branched
June 3rd Testing and Bug fixing
June 17th Code Freeze
July 1st Target release date

This page acts as a status whiteboard for this release of Haiku. It should contain a list of tasks that need to be completed.

Task List

This is a list of tasks that need to be done in preparation for the R1, Alpha 5 release. Do you see a task that still needs someone to take care of it? Drop a line on the Haiku-Development mailing list.

Initial Planning

Finalize release date n/a kallisti5 Discussion in haiku-dev ML COMPLETE 5/27/2014
Assign testers to components 6/3/2014 - IN PROGRESS

Software testing team

BeOS Applications NEED - - -
Package ManagementOlta - - -
Random application testing ZeroXp (remy_matos hotmail) boot up, do random tasks in 15 minute sessions - -
Random application testing NEED boot up, do random tasks in 15 minute sessions - -
WebPositivePulkoMandy Holding off Web+ updates until post-branch - -

Hardware testing team

Desktopskallisti5 3 - 4 desktops of random generations - -
Graphics Cardskallisti5 Has intel_extreme and Radeon HD hardware - -
Laptopskallisti5 4 - 5 laptops of random generations - -
Wireless network connectivity NEED - - -
Wired network connectivity NEED - - -

Build Tasks

Assign buildmeister - mmadia? -
Determine distribution structure - - -
Testing - everyone perform testing of potential R1A4 candidate

Release Preparation

Find (additional) mirrors - - -
Prepare torrents - - -
Write release notes - kallisti5 ReleaseNotes
Write press release - - -
Determine press plan - - -


Update front page artwork - - -
Update download graphic, WonderBrush Graphic - - -
Update/New Screenshots for Slideshow - - -
Sync User Guide - - -
Sync Welcome pages - - -
Sync Release Notes - - ReleaseNotes
Update get-haiku - can do if needed Current Version Information box, misc text
Merge mirror urls - - -


Branch the source tree - - - COMPLETE
Backport important bug fixes - - - IN PROGRESS
Tag the final build - - - TODO
Make source available - - r1a5 source location TODO
Distribute final build to mirrors - - - TODO
Distribute final build via torrents - - - TODO

Note, dates are in yyyy-mm-dd format.

Blocker issues

These need to be fixed in order to release the alpha.

No results

Total of 0 open ticket(s).

Critical issues

If all the blocker items are resolved, these should be evaluated whether or not they block the alpha release.

No results

Total of 0 open ticket(s).

High priority issues

This is a list of items with things that would be very much appreciated for this release, but they will not delay the release.

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Total of 0 open ticket(s).

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