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    6363The option ''Enable debug syslog'' in the boot loader's ''Debug menu'' makes the syslog somewhat persistent in memory. (By default, the option is enabled.) This means that it will (usually) survive a reset. If you are lucky, it will be saved to **`/var/log/previous_syslog`** on reboot; if you are not, you will have to enter the boot loader menu, and choose ''Debug menu'' and then ''Display syslog from previous session'' or ''Save syslog from previous session''. The former displays the syslog on screen, the latter allows you to save it as a file to disk. (Note that at the moment only FAT32 volumes are supported for writing the file to.) If you want to use a USB stick, but have plugged it in too late so that it isn't recognized, you can reset the machine and re-enter the boot loader menu.
     65Note that the syslog may include information about the system (applications running, and some applications will also store some details here). It is recommended to check the syslog to make sure you are not uploading personal data that you wouldn't want published. A complete syslog is sometimes more helpful, but in the case you want to remove something, you can edit the file as needed.
    6567When attaching the syslog to a ticket, just attach it directly, *don't* put it inside a zipfile or other archive.
    7981 * `ints` (from within Kernel Debugging Land -- KDL)
    8082 * On screen debug output (a safe mode boot time option).
     84This contains some information that is not normally public, such as your MAC address which allows to identify your computer on a local network. If you do not want such information to be public, edit it out ot the files before uploading them.