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    5151=== Syslog ===
     52'''This is the preferred method for gaining information from a non-booting system.'''[[BR]]
    5253The syslog (short for system log) contains valuable information about what has happened in your system, including the output of KDL sessions. It's usually a good idea to attach it to the kernel related Trac ticket. The syslog is written to the file `/var/log/syslog`. Since writing to a file requires a working system, the most recent output might not have made it to the syslog when a kernel problem occurs (particularly on spontaneous reboots or uncontinuable KDL sessions).
    5657=== On Screen Debug Output ===
     58'''The on-screen debug output is useful only for debugging very specific issues and is known to have (timing) issues. Don't use it, if you don't have to.'''[[BR]]
    5759This is only relevant when Haiku fails to boot on your machine and the "Debug syslog option" doesn't work for some reason. Before the Haiku boot logo appears, press the `Shift` key to enter the boot loader menu. Select ''Select safe mode options''. Near the bottom, ''[ ] Enable on screen debug output'' will be listed. (Note: The other options could be enabled in an attempt to boot Haiku. If Haiku will boot only when one or more options are activated, be sure to mention which ones.) Finally select ''Return to main menu'' and then ''continue booting''. One or more pages of text will display on the screen, only the last few lines need to be included on your ticket. For more information on the [ Boot Loader].