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These are some notes pertaining to the R1 Alpha 2 release cycle.

The order is semi-random. Feel free to make additions.

For now, it's on this page & in the future it may be moved elsewhere or deleted entirely.


Before Branching

After Branching

  • MergeTracking script
  • Organize the press release
    • who can translate it
    • where to send it for review
      • neet to allow project members to review/edit it as needed.
      • unpublished article on Drupal?
      • google doc?
      • private repository?

a checklist of features to test

  • booting & installing CD/DVD
  • bash script to run each and every application, to check for non-zero exit code
    # not functional code
    for binary in $AllBinaries; do 
      ( ${binary} --help &> /dev/null ) || ( echo ${binary} exitted $? >> non-zero.log )

Before Tagging

  • disable serial debugging
  • remove the sleeps in the Bootscript
  • build/jam/ReleaseBuildProfiles
    # Uncomment in official release branch.

After Tagging

  • Trac Administration
    • create new default 'version'
    • close current milestone
  • create the following wiki pages
    • InThePress
    • ReportedIssues
    • ImprovementsSinceRelease
  • Internal Testing
    • harvest public keys from
    • sudo bash ; export allkeys=`find /home -type f -name "authorized_key*"` ; for key in $allkeys; do cat $key >> ; done
  • Create tar.xz sources for Haiku & Buildtools
    • tar --exclude=.svn -cJf <archive>.tar.xz directory/
  • Copy all sources to

Mirrors =

Automatic rsync mirrors


Manual upload/push mirrors


Installing files for rsync

Include all image archive files, md5sums.txt, *.torrent, sources/

Flipping the switch


  • Stamp
  • HAIKU logo with ladybugs & stamp
  • Installer logo
  • Desktop logo (though, do not enable it)
  • Frontpage download graphic
  • CD/DVD graphic

Website Pages

Installing Drupal's front page graphic

sudo bash
cd /srv/www/drupal/
mv bg-download-box.png GET-HAIKU-download-box-r1a1.png
cp GET-HAIKU-download-box-r1a2.png bg-download-box.png
Note: See TracWiki for help on using the wiki.