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    5858In case you are unsure of a translation, or want to save a partial translation and finish it later, check the "'''Fuzzy'''" box before clicking "Send Translation".[[BR]]
    5959This "fuzzy" flag indicates that a translation for a particular block may be imprecise or unfinished, and needs review. When a part of the original English document changes, translations associated to this part are automatically marked as fuzzy, so the translators can easily spot what needs to be updated.
     61== Localizing images ==
     63Images of the GUI which contain strings that are translatable and change when you switch to another language with the Locale preferences, can be "translated" by uploading a localized version. Simply click on it and a window pops open to choose the image to transfer to the online tool.
     65NOTE: Due to a shortcoming of our online tool, images that appear in certain HTML structures, e.g. in <ul> or <ol> lists or in a cell in a table, cannot be exchanged this easily. They have to be uploaded in the admin section of the online tool manually. Please upload these images somewhere (e.g. at [] and post the links to the haiku-i18n mailing list.
     67When submitting a screenshot, you should make sure that the gist of what it is used to explain is still there in your localized version. You should also make sure to
     68- keep the same image format (mostly PNG)
     69- crop precisely, including the grey border that runs around a window
     70- all background pixels are transparent (Haiku's Screenshot already does that for the area beside the yellow tab, but you may have to edit/compose in WonderBrush. Tip: In WonderBrush, use the ''Fill'' or ''Rectangle'' tool and set in its ''Properties'' the ''Mode'' to ''Erase''.)