Ticket #14103: iprowifi3945_test

File iprowifi3945_test, 1.4 KB (added by cocobean, 20 months ago)

syslog of iprowifi3945 Wifi outpu #1

1KERN: [net/iprowifi3945/0] compat_close()
2KERN: wlan_close(0x83182400)
3KERN: [net/iprowifi3945/0] stop running, 1 vaps running
4KERN: [net/iprowifi3945/0] ieee80211_new_state_locked: INIT -> INIT (nrunning 0 nscanning 0)
5KERN: [net/iprowifi3945/0] compat_free()
6KERN: [net/iprowifi3945/0] ieee80211_newstate_cb: INIT -> INIT arg -1
7KERN: [net/iprowifi3945/0] sta_newstate: INIT -> INIT (-1)
8KERN: [net/iprowifi3945/0] sta_newstate: unexpected state transition INIT -> INIT
9KERN: [net/iprowifi3945/0] compat_open(0x2)
10KERN: [net/iprowifi3945/0] ieee80211_init
11KERN: [net/iprowifi3945/0] start running, 0 vaps running
12KERN: [net/iprowifi3945/0] ieee80211_start_locked: up parent wpi
13KERN: [net/iprowifi3945/0] start running, 1 vaps running
14KERN: NDP entry 0xdfe69150 Marked as VALID
15KERN: [iprowifi3945] (wpi) could not lock memory
16Last message repeated 1 time
17KERN: wlan_control: 9235, 15
18KERN: wlan_control: 9235, 76
19KERN: [iprowifi3945] (wpi) could not lock memory
20KERN: Last message repeated 11 times.
21KERN: [iprowifi3945] (wpi) timeout waiting for adapter to initialize
22KERN: [iprowifi3945] (wpi) A problem occurred loading the firmware to the driver
23KERN: [net/iprowifi3945/0] start running, 1 vaps running
24KERN: wlan_control: 9235, 15
25KERN: wlan_control: 9235, 76
26KERN: wlan_control: 9235, 15
27KERN: wlan_control: 9235, 76
28KERN: wlan_control: 9235, 15
29KERN: wlan_control: 9235, 76