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log with MediaPlayer

1~> MediaPlayer
2open playlist item: Iron Man.rmvb
3[NULL @ 0x181200d0]Unsupported video codec
4[rm @ 0x1807bea0]max_analyze_duration reached
5[NULL @ 0x182406e0]Unsupported video codec
6[rm @ 0x1808d170]max_analyze_duration reached
7[NULL @ 0x1823f2c0]Unsupported video codec
8[rm @ 0x181a93f0]max_analyze_duration reached
9MediaExtractor::MediaExtractor: AllocateCookie for stream 2 failed
10MediaExtractor::CreateDecoder can't create decoder for stream 2: General system error
11MediaFileTrackSupplier: warning! track index 2 has no duration
12MediaFileTrackSupplier: track index 2 has unknown type
13_InitFromTrack(): keyframes: 1, frame count: 319816683
14MediaTrackVideoSupplier::_SwitchFormat() - preferred color space: B_YUV420
15CPU is capable of running MMX SSE1 SSE2 SSE3
16resolve_colorspace: gfx_conv_yuv420p_rgba32_sse2
17MediaTrackVideoSupplier::_SwitchFormat() - codec changed colorspace of decoded format (B_YUV420 -> B_RGB32)!
18BMediaEventLooper: SchedulingLatency is 750
19BMediaEventLooper: SchedulingLatency is 3000
20VideoConsumer::CreateBuffers - ERROR CREATING VIDEO RING BUFFER (0): Out of memory
21VideoConsumer::Connected - COULDN'T CREATE BUFFERS
22BMediaRoster::Connect: aborting after BBufferConsumer::Connected, status = 0x80000000
23VideoProducer::Connect() - consumer error: Out of memory
24BMediaRoster::Connect: aborted
25Can't connect the video source to the video window... trying without overlays, error: Out of memory
26BMediaRoster::Connect connection established!
27BMediaRoster::ReleaseNode, trying to release reference counting disabled timesource, node 1, port 2363498, team 6887
28BMediaEventLooper: SchedulingLatency is 750
29BMediaRoster::Connect connection established!