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Hiding installed packages is confusing

Reported by: pulkomandy Owned by: stippi
Priority: normal Milestone: R1/beta2
Component: Applications/HaikuDepot Version: R1/Development
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Use case:

  • Open HaikuDepot
  • Search for some app you don't have installed (eg. beae)
  • Click install button
  • Package is downloaded and installed
  • Since "show installed packages" is not checked, once install is done, package disapears from search list, but is still selected

It is confusing that installed packages completely disapear from the list. Maybe installed packages should be shown as 'disabled' items in the list and/or moved to the end of it, rather than completely hidden?

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comment:1 by stippi, 8 years ago

I agree. At the same time, I think "Show me only available packages" and "Show me only what I have installed" are both valid use-cases. Maybe the rational to not show installed packages by default is flawed. I thought usually one does not want to see them. But maybe one is as likely to open HaikuDepot to uninstall or update a package as one is to open it for finding new software. How about these proposed changes:

  • Show installed packages by default

Would it be a good idea to also remember the settings of "Show installed" and "Show available" across sessions? Or could this lead to confusing situations?

comment:2 by stippi, 8 years ago

Do you consider the issue fixed hrev48565 or do you think more needs to be done (along the lines of keeping freshly installed packages in the list even when showing installed packages is disabled)?

comment:3 by luroh, 8 years ago

The original problem still seems to be present, try installing e.g. NetSurf on a fresh install:

  • Open HaikuDepot
  • Type 'nets' to bring up the netsurf package
  • Highlight the NetSurf package and press Install (and Apply for its dependency)

NetSurf now gets installed but disappears from the list.

comment:4 by stippi, 8 years ago

With default settings, i.e. "Show -> Installed packages" turned on, this should no longer happen. With that option manually turned off, it will happen, but is a consequence of that setting. Hence my question in comment:2, whether freshly installed packages should be kept in the list, even when that violates the current settings in the "Show" menu.

comment:5 by luroh, 8 years ago

Whatever you just did in hrev48571 fixed the problem. :)

comment:6 by stippi, 8 years ago

Ok, it seems there was a bug, too. But the question remains if the behavior is OK when you actually turned off showing installed packages.

comment:7 by luroh, 8 years ago

Fwiw, I think the current behavior is fine, it seems logical and easy to understand.

comment:8 by pulkomandy, 8 years ago

I will keep the option enabled so that solves the issue for me. It may still be worth considering always showing installed packages but moving them to the end of the list and/or greying them out (with a "disabled" look). I think this would allow to remove the option completely,as the packages could be visible, but wouldn't get in the way or clutter the list. Bul I will let you decide if this is useful enough to be implemented.

comment:9 by humdinger, 6 years ago

As alternative to greying out installed packages, add another narrow column in front of the icon column showing the status of a package.The "Featured" view already uses a white on green checkmark for installed packages and should be reused for this.

Side effect: if (or as long as) #13221 isn't implemented, the column could be used to sort all installed packages to the top.

comment:10 by waddlesplash, 4 years ago

Resolution: fixed
Status: newclosed

We've shown installed packages by default for some time now, and it seems to be not very confusing. So, closing as fixed.

comment:11 by nielx, 3 years ago

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