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#12022 closed bug (invalid)

FUSE ZX Spectrum emulator fails install

Reported by: waddlesplash Owned by: waddlesplash
Priority: normal Milestone: R1
Component: Applications/PackageInstaller Version: R1/Development
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Probably a path-rewriting problem. Pkg is available here.

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comment:1 by waddlesplash, 5 years ago

Resolution: invalid
Status: newclosed

After adding more tracing in hrev49122, I get

inflate_file_to_file: inflate failed with 'incorrect data check'

A quick Google search shows that this means that zlib's checksum of the decompressed data failed, so the file is invalid.

comment:2 by pulkomandy, 5 years ago

Does it installin BeOS? If so, we should try harder :) (or just ignore the error?)

comment:3 by waddlesplash, 5 years ago

Actually, luroh tried to extract the .zip that the .pkg is in on Linux, and discovered that the .zip is corrupt and Expander is ignoring the failure (#12029).

comment:4 by pulkomandy, 5 years ago

Yes, but that doesn't answer my question: does the corrupted pkg install in BeOS anyway? Or in other words, is their PackageInstaller better at handling corrupted packages than ours?

comment:5 by sdbrady, 5 years ago

Sorry to comment on a closed bug, but the version in question is ages old, dating from 2005, in fact. Has anyone tried compiling a more recent build of Fuse on Haiku? I'd be happy to accept patches.

comment:6 by pulkomandy, 5 years ago

That's on my TODO list, but I didn't have time to try yet. I'll let the FUSE team know if there are any patches needed. The package also has a "FuseLauncher" GUI for BeOS which doesn't seem to be available anywhere else, do you know about it?

comment:7 by sdbrady, 5 years ago

That's wonderful, please do. I don't think you need submit them through our patch tracker, you could probably just send a link to the fuse-emulator-devel list.

Note that you may be far better off building versions of libspectrum and Fuse that use GLib, as this could save you trouble in the long run. There are programs besides Fuse and fuse-utils that use libspectrum. It would be great if you're also able to package up fuse-utils, BTW.

You may find that although it builds without any patches, there are still specific improvements for Haiku that you can make.

For example, on Linux, we use /proc/self/exe to determine the location of the executable, if we need to look ROM images etc. in a directory relative to that location. We have some code for other Unicies that uses argv[0] but there may also be a better option on Haiku.

Wider changes such as a Haiku-specific UI would be great, but clearly this is non-trivial, and I realise you have limited time.

I've never heard of FuseLauncher. Most likely it would need substantial changes anyway. Also, we'd much prefer UI improvements that benefit all of our users, as you would imagine.

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