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ELAN PS/2 touchpad not recognized as touchpad?

Reported by: dsizzle Owned by: tqh
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Component: Drivers/Input/PS2 Version: R1/Development
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Hi, I have an Acer laptop with an ELAN PS/2 Touchpad. The touchpad works like a mouse, meaning that I can move the cursor and click, but the Touchpad prefs don't affect it in any way.

What I'd really love is if the Sensitivity control would actually work, because I have a USB mouse and the touchpad is really annoying when I try to type. If I could turn off the touchpad, my Haiku experience would improve 1000%. Thanks!

the acpi/hid for this model is ETD0500, and the ACPI node name in the Devices window is MSE0, if that helps. I'm using nightly Haiku.

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comment:1 by humdinger, 5 years ago

Have a look at #11673. There's a zip attached with an input_server filter. Put it into e.g. ~/config/non-packaged/add-ons/input_server/filters.
I remember talking to somebody about integrating the functionality into the Touchpad preferences, but that hasn't happened yet. :)

I now have put the code on github and will provide a hpkg package soon.

comment:2 by dsizzle, 5 years ago

Awesome, I'll give it a whirl!! Worst case I was thinking I could tape a piece of cardboard over my touchpad. ;P

comment:3 by dsizzle, 5 years ago

Thanks, I think it's better than before, but I'd love if I could completely shut off the trackpad. I still bump it from time to time and mess up what I'm typing, it's just a lot less often.

comment:4 by humdinger, 5 years ago

Maybe you can tweak the settings file it a bit more (if you haven't already), see the Readme.

comment:5 by waddlesplash, 11 months ago

Component: Drivers/ACPIDrivers/Input/PS2
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