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#14625 new bug

No auto-hide interface when moving mouse

Reported by: humdinger Owned by: pulkomandy
Priority: normal Milestone: Unscheduled
Component: Applications/WebPositive Version: R1/beta1
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Platform: All


  • Activate the setting "Auto-hide interface in full screen mode"
  • Enter full-screen mode
  • Wait for the interface to hide
  • Move the mouse to the top of the screen, thereby unhide the interface
  • Move the mouse down again and keep on moving the mouse

--> The interface only hides again after you stop moving the mouse. Then it takes the usual timeout of about half a second.

The timeout to hide the interface should start right when the mouse pointer leaves the area of the interface (menu + locator + bookmark bar), no matter if the mouse is still moving or not.

Also, the timeout feels too long. Maybe half that, ca. 0.25s?

Change History (2)

comment:1 by pulkomandy, 2 years ago

This is intentional. If the interface hides just as you click a link, you will end up clicking somewhere else as the whole page scrolls up under the mouse cursor

comment:2 by humdinger, 2 years ago

That's a good reason. OTOH, if we can agree that the timeout-for-hiding is rather long and should be shortened, that would also shorten the time one has to move the mouse from the interface area at the top to the link somewhere below in the text. That would minimize the problem.
The right amount of timeout has to be tried out. We may get away with 0.2s.

Another solution would be not to move the page visibly at all, having it look like the interface superimposes onto the webpage. If drawing the interface over the webpage view is not possible, one could scroll the page down the height of the interface, and back up when the interface hides again. (That would also require to move into "negative space" if you're at the top of a webpage.)

Hmm... shortening the timeout and ignoring mouse movement sounds like the easier path to try first... :)

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