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app_server crash when using WebPositive

Reported by: DFergFLA Owned by: axeld
Priority: normal Milestone: Unscheduled
Component: Servers/app_server Version: R1/Development
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Platform: x86-64


Don't know what to say. I keep getting this anytime I use Web+. Sometimes it happens right away. Sometimes I can be in the middle of reading somthing and then it will crash. It doesn't seem to be any particular site. I installed Haiku (64bit) from a nightly about a week or a little more ago. I do not remember the revision number. I have use the SoftwareUpdater to keep it up to date, I check for updates nightly.

Current Version: 53511

Misc Info: I don't have this problem when using Otter Browser. I have had this issue when using YouTube Downloader (I may not have the name of the software quite correct.)

I have no problems when I use SoftwareUpdater or HaikuDepot.

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WebPosiotive KDL.jpg (1.5 MB ) - added by DFergFLA 12 months ago.
Web Positive Crash
syslog (337.2 KB ) - added by DFergFLA 12 months ago.
syslog.2 (337.3 KB ) - added by DFergFLA 12 months ago.
Kernal Debug Land.jpg (1.6 MB ) - added by DFergFLA 12 months ago.
Kernal Debug Land

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by DFergFLA, 12 months ago

Attachment: WebPosiotive KDL.jpg added

Web Positive Crash

comment:1 by DFergFLA, 12 months ago

I forgot to add that I do believe that the KDL stuff started around Sept. 25th

comment:2 by waddlesplash, 12 months ago

Component: Applications/WebPositiveServers/app_server
Owner: changed from pulkomandy to axeld
Summary: Web+ KDLapp_server crash when using WebPositive

This is an app_server crash, not a KDL. If you encounter it again, type "save-report" at the prompt (may take a minute or two to appear), and upon rebooting, you will find a debug report on your desktop.

comment:3 by DFergFLA, 12 months ago

I will do that.

I am going to add this here as I do not know if it is relevant or not. Recently I have seen the following behavior from Web+. I will open Web+ and start reading a page. It does not seem to matter what site or how many tabs I have open. After a few min, Web+ becomes less responsive. I am no longer able to scroll though a web page. I am not able to add an other tab. At this point I can go back and fort between any already open tabs. Menus will open, but clicking on web links doesn't open up anything. I can "close" Web+, but something isn't right. I can see see it's icon in the deskbar and I can't "reopen" Web+. There are only two ways I have found to get out of this. Either use "Ctrl + Alt + Del" and End Application, or reboot. If I do the "Ctrl + Alt + Del" I can reopen Web+ but get the same issues a few min later.

I do not know if what I am seeing is a Web+ issue or a Application Server issue. I will attach a log file in a few.

by DFergFLA, 12 months ago

Attachment: syslog added


by DFergFLA, 12 months ago

Attachment: syslog.2 added


comment:4 by diver, 12 months ago

I noticed in your syslog an app_server crash. Not sure if it's the same one. BTW, do you have any additional fonts installed?

KERN: vm_soft_fault: va 0x3b00000000 not covered by area in address space
KERN: vm_page_fault: vm_soft_fault returned error 'Bad address' on fault at 0x3b00000002, ip 0x1a259cfb3d3, write 0, user 1, thread 0x4cf
KERN: debug_server: Thread 1231 entered the debugger: Segment violation
KERN: stack trace, current PC 0x1a259cfb3d3  _ZN8BPrivate8rpmallocL16_memory_allocateEPNS0_6heap_tEm + 0x33:
KERN:   (0x7f76d138bdf0)  0x1a259cfca3e  malloc + 0xe
KERN:   (0x7f76d138be10)  0x1b07690d5ba  _ZN14FontCacheEntry11CreateGlyphEjPS_ + 0x3ca
KERN:   (0x7f76d138be90)  0x1b0768e39ea  _ZNK10ServerFont11StringWidthEPKciPK16escapement_delta + 0x3fa
KERN:   (0x7f76d138bfa0)  0x1b0768ddc4b  _ZN9ServerApp16_DispatchMessageEiRN8BPrivate12LinkReceiverE + 0x3f0b
KERN:   (0x7f76d138cac0)  0x1b0768e011c  _ZN9ServerApp14_MessageLooperEv + 0x13c
KERN:   (0x7f76d138cb90)  0x1b0768d22fa  _ZN13MessageLooper15_message_threadEPv + 0xa
KERN:   (0x7f76d138cba0)  0x1a259c53a89  thread_entry + 0x19

comment:5 by pulkomandy, 12 months ago

It's just app_server running out of memory. Reproductible very easily by running the WebKit testsuite. This is blocking the next release of WebKit because I cannot run the testsuite.

Used to run fine with the old allocator. I hope the pending improvements to fix "git gc" (which also runs out of memory) will help.

By the way, when you get at this prompt you can use the save-report command, and after reboot you will find a complete report on your desktop, which will be more useful than both the screenshot and the syslog.

comment:6 by DFergFLA, 12 months ago


If you mean a crash were you get a dialog box with options to "terminate", "Save Log", "Core Dump" I get them frequently when I'm in Web+. I have not installed any additional fonts. But, I have installed software from Haiku Depot, including QT based. Maybe something there installed some additional fonts. I am not sure.

I will try to get better are using the right terms for things in Haiku. Clearly I was wrong about it all being a KDL. Is there any documentation that can show me how to recognize different types of failures so I can use the right terms? It gets confusing for everyone.


I will be sure to do the "save-report" the next time it happens. Of course now that I want it to happen I can't make it do it. The other day it was happening every few min.

comment:7 by pulkomandy, 12 months ago

KDL says "welcome to Kernel Debugging Land!" at the top. Debugger doesn't. Don't worry, it's a common confusion, and we could make this more visible somehow (maybe a different text color?)

comment:8 by DFergFLA, 12 months ago

I do believe I got a real KDL. At least it says "Welcome to Kernal Debug Land" at the top. I did try the "save-report" but it doesn't seem to work in this case. I have attached a screenshot. I was running web+ at the time. Again, I do not know for sure if this is related to the this or needs to be a new ticket.

comment:9 by pulkomandy, 12 months ago

Yes, now that's an actual kernel crash. "save-report" doesn't work here, because the kernel is crashed and it would be too risky to attempt writing anything to disk, so in this case, pictures are better.

There should be a message on the first line, before "Welcome to kernel debugging land", which should tell us what happened. But in your picture it seems empty, which is strange.

comment:10 by waddlesplash, 12 months ago

The picture is cutting off the top of the screen, it appears.

by DFergFLA, 12 months ago

Attachment: Kernal Debug Land.jpg added

Kernal Debug Land

comment:11 by DFergFLA, 12 months ago

I took a look at my phone where I took the KDL pic. There was an other picture I took first before I tried "save-report" and at the top I do believe that is what you say was missing. I replaced the original file I uploaded with this new one.

comment:12 by waddlesplash, 12 months ago

Likely this is also an OOM. Based on the log it should not be too hard to fix.

comment:13 by WildKeccak, 11 months ago

I'm as stock as I can be while still running software updater to keep up to date. I haven't seen KDL yet, but I'll keep trying.

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