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Synchronization with flat-panel display after live-USB boot is broken

Reported by: Evgen Owned by: pulkomandy
Priority: normal Milestone: R1/beta2
Component: Drivers/Graphics/intel_extreme/9xx Version: R1/Development
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Has a Patch: no Platform: x86

Description (last modified by Evgen)

hrev53561 does not sync with monitor

Display: LG FULL HD 21.7 1920 x 1080 32 bit/pixel 102 dpi 60Hz, plugged to machine via VGA port. Chip: Intel GMA (i915 GM)

Booting with live-USB passes through whole set of icons of splash-screen, but when it comes to welcome to install, synchronization is broken. I have tried to set different video modes (standard VGA, 640 x 480 ...). Does not help. Latest revision that worked with no issues was hrev53543

Update: was actually able to boot with VESA mode with hrev53556, sorry. The last build that works normally was hrev53546. I wonder whether support for videochip on my machine is dropped?

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syslog_hrev53546 (215.7 KB ) - added by Evgen 4 months ago.
hrev53546 syslog
previous_syslog (90.0 KB ) - added by Evgen 4 months ago.
intel videochip
syslog (497.7 KB ) - added by Evgen 4 months ago.
VESA video
previous_syslog.2 (104.7 KB ) - added by Evgen 3 weeks ago.
syslog.2 (229.4 KB ) - added by Evgen 3 weeks ago.
syslog.old copy (512.0 KB ) - added by Evgen 3 weeks ago.
intel videochip
syslog copy (54.8 KB ) - added by Evgen 3 weeks ago.
VESA video

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comment:1 by Evgen, 4 months ago

Description: modified (diff)

comment:2 by diver, 4 months ago

Component: Audio & VideoDrivers/Graphics/intel_extreme
Owner: changed from nobody to pulkomandy
Status: newassigned

comment:3 by Evgen, 4 months ago

Description: modified (diff)

comment:4 by pulkomandy, 4 months ago

No, we don't drop support for hardware, but testing depends on our access to relevant machines.

There is probably a problem in

But it's possible the issue is fixed by , if you could build Haiku with that change applied and test that, it would be great to confirm that this works.

Otherwise, I would need a syslog, ideally from both the latest working revision and a current (broken) one.

comment:5 by Evgen, 4 months ago

OK, will provide syslogs for both cases. Actually, there seems another problem: when I asked bootloader to show debug info, it shows several pages (that I can continue listing by pressing 'space'), and then machine totally hangs. But if in debugging options I disable page listing, everything is fine and machine proceeds to the desktop.

comment:6 by pulkomandy, 4 months ago

Possibly similar to #15457 ?

by Evgen, 4 months ago

Attachment: syslog_hrev53546 added

hrev53546 syslog

comment:7 by Evgen, 4 months ago

Please see hrev53546 (boots normally) syslog attached

in reply to:  6 comment:8 by Evgen, 4 months ago

Replying to pulkomandy:

Possibly similar to #15457 ?

Yes. In my case it's 32 bit and BIOS.

comment:9 by Evgen, 4 months ago

hrev53567 bootlog (9 shots). Sorry, mistakenly uploaded them for ticket 14368 too.

comment:10 by pulkomandy, 4 months ago

These screenshots do not include any information from the intel driver (the log stops before that). You should be able to access the syslog this way:

  • Boot the machine normally (to a black screen) from a writable device (USB stick or hard disk)
  • Reboot (use KDL shortcut and type "reboot", for example) and select VESA from the boot menu
  • Get the syslogs from /var/log (previous boot syslogs are stored there as well)

comment:11 by Evgen, 4 months ago

Ok, if I got it right:

  • Live-USB boot with intel videodriver active. Syslog will be saved.
  • Live-USB boot with VESA videodriver active. Previous syslog will be saved in /var/log.

You want this file. All correct?

comment:12 by pulkomandy, 4 months ago

Yes. Get all 3 syslogs from /var/log (syslog, syslog.1 and previous_syslog) just to be sure. I'll find what I need there.

by Evgen, 4 months ago

Attachment: previous_syslog added

intel videochip

by Evgen, 4 months ago

Attachment: syslog added

VESA video

comment:13 by Evgen, 4 months ago

Please see, attached. There were no syslog.1

comment:14 by Evgen, 3 months ago

Hi, I have tried the hrev53623. No syncing.

comment:15 by pulkomandy, 2 months ago


If I read the syslog correctly, you also have an internal display in your laptop, of resolution 800x480. Is this correct?

It seems the driver is mixing up the two displays and setting a mode partly based on that LVDS panel, and partly based on the VGA output.

comment:16 by Evgen, 2 months ago


Yes, all correct, the internal display was there, but then I detached it from motherboard (broken matrix). Now the flat panel monitor is plugged in via VGA port.

comment:17 by Evgen, 8 weeks ago


Happy New Year! I guess you may not have an access to machine with this particular videochip, but we want the driver :) I cannot help in debugging it due to I don't have knowledges to do that. What if we do the following. You will compile the build where you add another sort of option in menu (accessible when you press "space" before splash screen) where I can edit these PLL values, mentioned in and these values will be passed to videodriver. Once the right set of these values bring back the syncing of flat panel monitor, I will tell you which ones are correct so you will use them to update code for videodriver. Something like this. Have I made myself clear? What do you think?

comment:18 by pulkomandy, 8 weeks ago

Component: Drivers/Graphics/intel_extremeDrivers/Graphics/intel_extreme/9xx


The function to compute the PLL values works, so I have no better values to offer you.

I made some testing on a laptop I have here and I foudn the following:

  • If I boot with the VGA display disconnected, and plug it after boot is complete, I get working video on both displays
  • If I plug the VGA but boot with display on the laptop screen, I get black screen on both displays
  • If I use the BIOS keyboard shortcuts to set the output to VGA, and then boot Haiku, I get working display on VGA only

I will see if I can get this machine to reliably boot with both displays on (in clone mode), and we will see if that helps you as well once it is working for me.

comment:19 by pulkomandy, 4 weeks ago

Milestone: UnscheduledR1/beta2


There were several fixes in the last few weeks which could make things better. Can you try a recent nightly? If it doesn't work, can you enter KDL and use the following two commands:

ie_pipe 0
ie_pipe 1

It could help me understand the problem. And please upload a new syslog as well as I improved the tracing a bit.

comment:20 by Evgen, 4 weeks ago


I have tried hrev53803. No synchronization. Could you tell where exactly I have to enter these two commands. Should I boot in VESA mode?

comment:21 by pulkomandy, 4 weeks ago

No, you have to enter then in the kernel depugger while the driver is used. You may have to do this "blindly" while the display is not working. Results get written to the syslog

comment:22 by Evgen, 4 weeks ago

Booting ends up into desktop but not into KDL. Is any keystroke combination to get into KDL?

Last edited 4 weeks ago by Evgen (previous) (diff)

comment:23 by diver, 4 weeks ago

Press Alt-Sysreq-D to enter KDL.

comment:24 by Evgen, 4 weeks ago

Got KDL prompt, but it doesn't know ie_pipe command

by Evgen, 3 weeks ago

Attachment: previous_syslog.2 added

by Evgen, 3 weeks ago

Attachment: syslog.2 added

comment:25 by Evgen, 3 weeks ago


Syslogs (hrev53819) attached (syslog - VESA mode, previous_syslog - Intel)

comment:26 by pulkomandy, 3 weeks ago

The ie_pipe command works only when using the driver. So you need to do the following:

  • Boot using the driver and get a blackscreen
  • Type alt + printscreen + D
  • Type "ie_pipe 0"
  • Type "ie_pipe 1"
  • Type "co"
  • Press power button to poweroff machine (press once, it should shutdown cleanly)
  • Reboot using VESA and get the syslogs (you can check that the ie_pipe command and results are in the syslogs).

by Evgen, 3 weeks ago

Attachment: syslog.old copy added

intel videochip

by Evgen, 3 weeks ago

Attachment: syslog copy added

VESA video

comment:27 by Evgen, 3 weeks ago

Done (using hrev53855). Yes, saw ie_pipe command results

Last edited 3 weeks ago by Evgen (previous) (diff)

comment:28 by pulkomandy, 3 weeks ago

Can you try with this change:

This should not be needed according to the docs but I can't see anything else that has changed.

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