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#1733 closed bug (fixed)

BAlert sometimes crashes (appears to be somewhere in BMessage's internals)

Reported by: anevilyak Owned by: axeld
Priority: normal Milestone: R1
Component: Kits/Application Kit Version: R1/pre-alpha1
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In Vision, there is an option to warn you on pasting multiline messages. This brings up a BAlert that is constructed as follows:

BString str; str += "As if there isn't enough, you "; str += "are about to add "; str << lines; str += " more lines of spam to "; str += "the internet. How "; str += "would you like to go about this?";

BAlert *alert (new BAlert ( "Spam", str.String(), "Cancel", "Spam!", "Single Line", B_WIDTH_FROM_WIDEST, B_OFFSET_SPACING, B_WARNING_ALERT));

BMessage *invokeMsg (new BMessage (msg)); BInvoker *invoker (new BInvoker (invokeMsg, msgr)); invokeMsg->AddPointer ("invoker", invoker); alert->Go (invoker);

Roughly every other time, picking any of the presented options on the aforementioned alert results in a crash with the following trace:

0x003d09a1 in BMessage::IsSourceWaiting () from / boot/beos/system/lib/ (gdb) bt #0 0x003d09a1 in BMessage::IsSourceWaiting () from /boot/beos/system/lib/ #1 0x003d3158 in BMessage::_SendMessage () from / boot/beos/system/lib/ #2 0x003d97d8 in BMessenger::SendMessage () from /boot/beos/system/lib/ #3 0x003d971b in BMessenger::SendMessage () from /boot/beos/system/lib/ #4 0x003cb805 in BInvoker::Invoke () from /boot/ beos/system/lib/ #5 0x003e8da3 in BAlert::MessageReceived () from /boot/beos/system/lib/ #6 0x003ccd1b in BLooper::DispatchMessage () from /boot/beos/system/lib/ #7 0x0046d769 in BWindow::DispatchMessage () from /boot/beos/system/lib/ #8 0x003e8eeb in BAlert::DispatchMessage () from /boot/beos/system/lib/ #9 0x00470f00 in BWindow::task_looper () from / boot/beos/system/lib/ #10 0x003ce253 in BLooper::_task0_ () from /boot/ beos/system/lib/ #11 0x0086e264 in thread_entry () from /boot/beos/ system/lib/ #12 0x70184fec in ?? ()

Unfortunately I'm unable to debug this further using gdb because I've been unsuccessful at building debugging versions of libbe (halted by libroot failing to link).

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comment:1 by anevilyak, 12 years ago

Resolution: fixed
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Seems to be gone in the latest revisions circa hrev27238.

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