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find KDLs when searching iso9660 dvd

Reported by: qyellow Owned by: axeld
Priority: normal Milestone: R1
Component: File Systems/ISO 9660 Version: R1/pre-alpha1
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from command line running find /mounteddvd filename ends in KDL error message: PANIC: free(): free failed for address 0x800260bd has semaphore (blocked) from scsi bus service

it will have printed out a list of where it has checked, a couple hundred maybe.

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comment:1 by axeld, 13 years ago

I'm not sure I do not understand:

  • You put a ISO-9660 DVD in your driver
  • then you get a crash (free() failed...), right?
  • How does the semaphore (blocked) come into play?

Is it a DVD you burned yourself or one that I could buy in a shop? If it's the latter, which one? I haven't seen such a crash. BTW which revision are you using?

comment:2 by mmlr, 13 years ago

This probably is a double free somewhere. Can you please execute the "sc" command in KDL and post here what it prints? Also this is a "continuable" error, you should be able to go further by using "cont" in KDL.

comment:3 by qyellow, 13 years ago

this is happening on revision 24212. (also previous revisions) I can access the DVD fine and copy over files etc without problem. I out in the DVD mount it, got to terminal enter find /DG *.avi it prints out a list of a couple hundred entries of where it has searched ( the DVD has a couple thousand files ) and the KDLs witht he previous free() error.

It is a DVD that I burned there is no problems with the DVD, it is a back up of home directory on linux. try and get the sc text in a bit. when I run cont it goes back to KDL with error: vm_page_fault: unhandled page fault in kernel space at 0x0, ip 0x8009a0ed

comment:4 by qyellow, 13 years ago

here's the sc

944f7fa8 (+ 0) ffff0104 7ffe6cec (+ 64) <_APP_>:savedir +0x00e5 7ffe6cec (+ 80) <_APP_>:main + 0x074f (nearest) 7ffe6cec (+ 64) <_APP_>:main + 0x06ac (nearest) 7ffe6cec (+ 64) <_APP_>:main + 0x08b7 (nearest) 7ffe6cec (+ 64) <_APP_>:main + 0x06ac (nearest) 7ffe6cec (+ 64) <_APP_>:main + 0x0410(nearest) 7ffe6cec (+ 64) <_APP_>:main + 0x0306 7ffe6cec (+ 64) <_APP_>:_start +0x005b 7ffe6cec (+ 64) 1865:runtime_loader_seg0ro@0x00100000 + 0x7ca 7ffe6cec (+ 64) 1864:find_main_stack@7efe7000 + 0xffffec

comment:5 by qyellow, 13 years ago

sorry did not add in the correct addressess, here is the correct info:

944f7fa8 (+ 0) ffff0104 7ffe6cec (+ 64) <_APP_>:savedir +0x00e5 7ffe6d2c (+ 80) <_APP_>:main + 0x074f (nearest) 7ffe6d7c (+ 128) <_APP_>:main + 0x06ac (nearest) 7ffe6dfc (+ 80) <_APP_>:main + 0x08b7 (nearest) 7ffe6e4c (+ 128) <_APP_>:main + 0x06ac (nearest) 7ffe6ecc (+ 112) <_APP_>:main + 0x0410(nearest) 7ffe6f3c (+ 64) <_APP_>:main + 0x0306 7ffe6f7c (+ 48) <_APP_>:_start +0x005b 7ffe6fac (+ 48) 1865:runtime_loader_seg0ro@0x00100000 + 0x7ca 7ffe6fdc (+ 0) 1864:find_main_stack@7efe7000 + 0xffffec

comment:6 by axeld, 13 years ago

This contains only the user part which is relatively useless. Can you provide the full stack crawl?

comment:7 by axeld, 13 years ago

Component: - GeneralFile Systems/ISO 9660

comment:8 by qyellow, 13 years ago

sorry about that here is the remaining stack crawl: 9472f9ec (+ 52) 80082543 <kernel>:invoke_debugger_command + 0x00cf 9472fa20 (+ 64) 800832e4 <kernel>:_ParseCommand16expressionParserRi +0x01f8 9472fa60 (+ 48) 80082cd6 <kernel>:EvaluateCommand16ExpressionParserPCcRi + 0x01f8 9472fa90 (+ 228) 800843f8 <kernel>:evaluate_debug_command + 0x0088 9472fb74 (+ 64) 80081116 <kernel>:kernel_debugger_loop_Fr + 0x017a 9472fbb4 (+ 48) 80081d61 <kernel>:kernel_debugger + 0x017a 9472fbe4 (+ 192) 80081c49 <kernel>:panic + 0x0029 9472fca4 (+ 48) 800260f8 <kernel>:free + 0x0074 9472fcd4 (+ 96) 80209286 <boot/beos/system/add-ons/kernel/file_systems/iso9660>: InitNode + 0x0682 9472fd34 (+ 384) 80208817 <boot/beos/system/add-ons/kernel/file_systems/iso9660>: isoReadDirEnt + 0x01c3 9472fe64 (+ 48) 8020aab9 <boot/beos/system/add-ons/kernel/file_systems/iso9660>: fs_read_dirFPvN20P6direntu1pu1 +0x002d 9472fe94 (+ 64) 8004a716 <kernel>:dir_readFP5vnodepvp6direntu1pu1 + 0x004e 9472fed4 (+ 64) 8004a59e <kernel>:dir_readFPI5file_descriptorP6direntu1pu1+0x0026 9472ff14 (+ 48) 8004432d <kernel>:_user_read_dir + 0x0065 9472ff44 (+ 100) 80091de2 <kernel>:pre_syscall_debug_done +0x0002 (nearest)

comment:9 by qyellow, 12 years ago

This issues has been resolved. Ticket can be closed.

comment:10 by korli, 12 years ago

Resolution: fixed
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