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#274 closed bug (fixed)

Screen preferences crash

Reported by: marcusoverhagen Owned by: axeld
Priority: normal Milestone: R1
Component: Preferences Version:
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During startup of Screen preferences, it crashed. This was not reproduceable, worked when starting it a second time. Revision 16670

GNU gdb 6.3 Copyright 2004 Free Software Foundation, Inc. GDB is free software, covered by the GNU General Public License, and you are welcome to change it and/or distribute copies of it under certain conditions. Type "show copying" to see the conditions. There is absolutely no warranty for GDB. Type "show warranty" for details. This GDB was configured as "i586-pc-haiku"...(no debugging symbols found)

Thread 85 caused an exception: Segment violation Reading symbols from /boot/beos/system/lib/ Loaded symbols for /boot/beos/system/lib/ Reading symbols from /boot/beos/system/lib/ Loaded symbols for /boot/beos/system/lib/ Reading symbols from /boot/beos/system/lib/ Loaded symbols for /boot/beos/system/lib/ [Switching to team /boot/beos/preferences/Screen (85) thread Screen (85)] 0x0020bb2a in TestMultiMonSupport () (gdb) bt #0 0x0020bb2a in TestMultiMonSupport () #1 0x0020f6b9 in ScreenWindow::ScreenWindow () #2 0x0020cb62 in ScreenApplication::ScreenApplication () #3 0x0020cdca in main () (gdb) disas Dump of assembler code for function TestMultiMonSupportFP7BScreen: 0x0020bae8 <TestMultiMonSupportFP7BScreen+0>: push %ebp 0x0020bae9 <TestMultiMonSupportFP7BScreen+1>: mov %esp,%ebp 0x0020baeb <TestMultiMonSupportFP7BScreen+3>: sub $0x6c,%esp 0x0020baee <TestMultiMonSupportFP7BScreen+6>: push %edi 0x0020baef <TestMultiMonSupportFP7BScreen+7>: push %esi 0x0020baf0 <TestMultiMonSupportFP7BScreen+8>: push %ebx 0x0020baf1 <TestMultiMonSupportFP7BScreen+9>: call 0x20baf6 <TestMultiMonSupportFP7BScreen+14> 0x0020baf6 <TestMultiMonSupportFP7BScreen+14>: pop %ebx 0x0020baf7 <TestMultiMonSupportFP7BScreen+15>: add $0xc1fe,%ebx 0x0020bafd <TestMultiMonSupportFP7BScreen+21>: add $0xfffffffc,%esp 0x0020bb00 <TestMultiMonSupportFP7BScreen+24>: lea 0xffffffac(%ebp),%eax 0x0020bb03 <TestMultiMonSupportFP7BScreen+27>: push %eax 0x0020bb04 <TestMultiMonSupportFP7BScreen+28>: lea 0xffffffa8(%ebp),%eax 0x0020bb07 <TestMultiMonSupportFP7BScreen+31>: push %eax 0x0020bb08 <TestMultiMonSupportFP7BScreen+32>: mov 0x8(%ebp),%eax 0x0020bb0b <TestMultiMonSupportFP7BScreen+35>: push %eax 0x0020bb0c <TestMultiMonSupportFP7BScreen+36>: call 0x209610 <_init+924> 0x0020bb11 <TestMultiMonSupportFP7BScreen+41>: mov %eax,%esi 0x0020bb13 <TestMultiMonSupportFP7BScreen+43>: add $0x10,%esp ---Type <return> to continue, or q <return> to quit--- 0x0020bb16 <TestMultiMonSupportFP7BScreen+46>: test %esi,%esi 0x0020bb18 <TestMultiMonSupportFP7BScreen+48>: jne 0x20bb95 <TestMultiMonSupportFP7BScreen+173> 0x0020bb1a <TestMultiMonSupportFP7BScreen+50>: cmpl $0x0,0xffffffac(%ebp) 0x0020bb1e <TestMultiMonSupportFP7BScreen+54>: jne 0x20bb27 <TestMultiMonSupportFP7BScreen+63> 0x0020bb20 <TestMultiMonSupportFP7BScreen+56>: mov $0xffffffff,%eax 0x0020bb25 <TestMultiMonSupportFP7BScreen+61>: jmp 0x20bb95 <TestMultiMonSupportFP7BScreen+173> 0x0020bb27 <TestMultiMonSupportFP7BScreen+63>: mov 0xffffffa8(%ebp),%eax 0x0020bb2a <TestMultiMonSupportFP7BScreen+66>: orb $0x2,0x17(%eax) 0x0020bb2e <TestMultiMonSupportFP7BScreen+70>: mov 0xffffffa8(%ebp),%eax 0x0020bb31 <TestMultiMonSupportFP7BScreen+73>: lea 0xffffffb0(%ebp),%edi 0x0020bb34 <TestMultiMonSupportFP7BScreen+76>: andb $0xfb,0x17(%eax) 0x0020bb38 <TestMultiMonSupportFP7BScreen+80>: mov 0xffffffa8(%ebp),%esi 0x0020bb3b <TestMultiMonSupportFP7BScreen+83>: lea 0xffffffb0(%ebp),%eax 0x0020bb3e <TestMultiMonSupportFP7BScreen+86>: cld 0x0020bb3f <TestMultiMonSupportFP7BScreen+87>: mov $0xa,%ecx ---Type <return> to continue, or q <return> to quit---

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Resolution: fixed

comment:4 by axeld, 14 years ago

Fixed in hrev16703. BScreen::GetModeList() could return B_OK if the mode list allocation failed.

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