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#3382 closed bug (fixed)

break compile on Dan0

Reported by: rayman Owned by: axeld
Priority: normal Milestone: R1
Component: - General Version: R1/pre-alpha1
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I have a break compile since update of ftpd by mmlr.

See error message next:

Cc generated/objects/haiku/x86/release/bin/network/ftpd/ftpcmd.o /boot/home/Divers/haiku/src/bin/network/ftpd/ftpcmd.y:230: conflicting types for `YYSTYPE' /boot/home/Divers/haiku/generated/objects/haiku/x86/common/bin/network/ftpd/ftpcmd.h:7: previous declaration of `YYSTYPE' /bison.simple:138: conflicting types for `yylval' /boot/home/Divers/haiku/generated/objects/haiku/x86/common/bin/network/ftpd/ftpcmd.h:81: previous declaration of `yylval'

gcc -O2 -Wall -Wno-trigraphs -Wmissing-prototypes -Wpointer-arith -Wcast-align -Wsign-compare -Wno-multichar -nostdinc -c "generated/objects/haiku/x86/common/bin/network/ftpd/ftpcmd.c" -DHAIKU -DHAIKU_DISTRO_COMPATIBILITY_DEFAULT -DINTEL -DARCH_x86 -DBOOT_ARCHIVE_IMAGE_OFFSET=300 -D_BEOS_R5_COMPATIBLE_ -DHAIKU_TARGET_PLATFORM_HAIKU -Ibuild/user_config_headers -Ibuild/config_headers -Isrc/bin/network/ftpd -Igenerated/objects/common/bin/network/ftpd -Igenerated/objects/dano/x86/common/bin/network/ftpd -Igenerated/objects/haiku/x86/common/bin/network/ftpd -I- -Iheaders/compatibility/bsd -Isrc/bin/network/ftpd -Iheaders/cpp -Iheaders/build/gcc-2.95.3 -Iheaders -Iheaders/posix -Iheaders/gnu -Iheaders/glibc -Iheaders/os -Iheaders/os/add-ons -Iheaders/os/add-ons/file_system -Iheaders/os/add-ons/graphics -Iheaders/os/add-ons/input_server -Iheaders/os/add-ons/registrar -Iheaders/os/add-ons/screen_saver -Iheaders/os/add-ons/tracker -Iheaders/os/app -Iheaders/os/device -Iheaders/os/drivers -Iheaders/os/game -Iheaders/os/interface -Iheaders/os/kernel -Iheaders/os/media -Iheaders/os/mail -Iheaders/os/midi -Iheaders/os/midi2 -Iheaders/os/net -Iheaders/os/opengl -Iheaders/os/storage -Iheaders/os/support -Iheaders/os/translation -Iheaders/private/. -o "generated/objects/haiku/x86/release/bin/network/ftpd/ftpcmd.o" ;

...failed Cc generated/objects/haiku/x86/release/bin/network/ftpd/ftpcmd.o ... ...skipped ftpd for lack of <src!bin!network!ftpd>ftpcmd.o... ...skipped <HaikuImage>haiku.image-copy-files-dummy-beos/bin for lack of ftpd... ...skipped haiku.image for lack of <HaikuImage>haiku.image-copy-files... ...failed updating 1 target(s)... ...skipped 3 target(s)... ...updated 150 target(s)...

for to be sure, I have erase directory and update by svn

Thanks for your answer

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comment:1 by mmlr, 12 years ago

Resolution: fixed
Status: newclosed

Reverted the workaround in hrev29083. Closing this as the actual problem is tracked in #3137.

comment:2 by rayman, 12 years ago

but I did not find a version of bison more than 1.75 for Beos or Dano !!

And I don't know if this error is linked to the program bison.

thank you, because I have always break compilation !

comment:3 by anevilyak, 12 years ago


I'm not 100% certain if that will work on BeOS or not though.

comment:4 by rayman, 12 years ago

I had already tried this version, but it does not work on BeOS (not even version information by --version );( yet, I can compile without ftpd, but this is not a solution ;)

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