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Zip-O-Matic should make generated file easy to find

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If you start Zip-O-Matic as a Tracker add-on and then drag some files onto it, it will create the zip in the same folder the files you drag are in. If you drag files from a query though, you don't necessarily have that "source" folder open, neither do the files necessarily come from the same folder at all. It would be nice if there was a way for the output zip to be more visible. Three possible changes we came up with:

1) It could open the target folder when zipping completes (like expander does in the opposite case)

2) It could provide a draggable icon in it's window that represents the resulting zip file

3) It could always create the zip in the directory where-from the add-on was invoked

The third option would make it a bit easier to grasp the behaviour. It would make it easy to specify the target directory just by invoking the add-on from there.

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comment:1 by jonas.kirilla, 14 years ago

I've tried to make the major ways of using zipomatic (straight use of the Tracker add-on, feeding it files via "Open with", drag&dropping onto its window) behave similarly, so that the archive creation spot and paths in the resulting archive are the same. When the given files don't have the same immediate parent folder - as is often the case in a Tracker query - zipomatic will fall back to full paths (in a zip archive these will miss the root slash) and use a hardcoded working directory, currently the Desktop, where the archive ends up in this case.

Zipomatic should behave more consistenly since hrev34044. Before, symlinks were traversed for no good reason when comparing entries' parents, hitting the full-path case more often than necessary.)

I like ideas 1 and 2. I've experimented some with showing/selecting the archive in Tracker, post-creation, but I must be doing something wrong as it's very unreliable. Better info, post-creation, and a drag&drop-able icon in the zipomatic window could be interesting, but it would change the window behavior as the window would then need to stay open post-creation. I'm not sure I would like to special-case the "refs-of-many-origins" case even further by making it the only one where zipomatic offers a d&d icon, but instead offer a d&d icon for all created archives. This comes at the cost of having to close all zipomatic windows manually, since they have to stay around to be useful.

Any thoughts on this? Do you find zipomatic's current behaviour inconsistent or unpredictable?

comment:2 by jonas.kirilla, 13 years ago

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comment:3 by jstressman, 11 years ago

I've run into this issue twice today when zipping files on a read-only mounted drive.

Zip-O-Matic looks like it happily zips the files, but there is no resulting file anywhere that I can see... not on my Desktop, not in home, of course not in the read only directory... and there's no dialog asking for a location to save it or telling me that it couldn't save it. :(

hrev44404 gcc2h

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Summary: Zip-O-Matic Possible Usability EnhancementZip-O-Matic should make generated file easy to find
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