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Installation Docs 404 Error

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It seems some of the installation docs were deleted or moved in R35067.

See irc conversation below

<Xeon3D> anyone noticed that the link to the install guide here is 404'd?
 Things are kinda sleepy
 just woke up.
<vooshy> ok here, Xeon3D
<Xeon3D> that link is ok
<vooshy> echelog hasnt worked for a bit though
<Skipp_OSX> Xeon3D, works for me, maybe need to update DNS? Try quiting browser and try again
<thowe> there are also broken links in a few places on the web site and dev site.
<Xeon3D> but if u click on "one of the installation guides" it 404's
 I managed to get my Haiku article published on another famous technology blog 
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<vooshy> 404 on
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<Skipp_OSX> vooshy, yes, that is 404 for me
<vooshy> im having a look at the timeline, see if anyone has changed it
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<vooshy> seems to be when install guide was deleted

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comment:1 by mmadia, 10 years ago

I updated the "box-info" for As for removing the docs themselves from svn, it was by design and mentioned in this haiku-doc thread. Soon, i'll release a new build of BeZilla to update the bookmarks.

comment:2 by humdinger, 10 years ago

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Yep. Installing from source isn't part of the regular user guide. When importing the current documents from the translation site the old installation-pages were removed. See the guides for info on building Haiku.
I guess that makes this ticket "invalid".

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