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[app_server] crashes in Window::~Window ()

Reported by: diver Owned by: czeidler
Priority: normal Milestone: R1
Component: Add-Ons/Decorators/Default Version: R1/Development
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This is hrev42390, gcc4hybrid, VirtualBox 4.0.10

Switching to SATDecorator crashes app_server.

setdecor SATDecorator ; hey Deskbar quit ; hey Tracker quit ; Deskbar ; Tracker

At this point Deskbar and desktop icons shifts a bit down the screen and then app_server crashes:

Thread 741 caused an exception: Segment violation
[Switching to team /boot/system/servers/app_server (64) thread w:736:offscreen (741)]
0x00297817 in Window::~Window ()
(gdb) bt
#0 0x00297817 in Window::~Window ()
#1 0x00274540 in OffscreenWindow::~OffscreenWindow ()
#2 0x0027457b in OffscreenWindow::~OffscreenWindow ()
#3 0x00288a1f in ServerWindow::~ServerWindow ()
#4 0x00274410 in OffscreenServerWindow::~OffscreenServerWindow ()
#5 0x0027444b in OffscreenServerWindow::~OffscreenServerWindow ()
#6 0x00273e46 in MessageLooper::Quit ()
#7 0x0028a1aa in ServerWindow::_MessageLooper ()
#8 0x00273a43 in MessageLooper::_message_thread ()
#9 0x00824923 in thread_entry () from /boot/system/lib/
#10 0x702c9fec in ?? ()

Most likely a recent regression. Found by Diger on real hw, confirmed in vbox.

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comment:1 by czeidler, 9 years ago

Fixed in hrev42482. Thanks!

comment:2 by czeidler, 9 years ago

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