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Can't boot Alpha 4.1 from USB thumb drive on IBM ThinkPad X30

Reported by: robertson Owned by: mmlr
Priority: normal Milestone: R1
Component: Drivers/USB Version: R1/Development
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I have an IBM ThinkPad X30. r1alpha4 (Alpha 4.1 )and Nightly hrev45770 will not boot off of USB thumb drive. Alpha 3 does.

On the graphical boot screen, the rocket (the last icon) lights up and then the boot hangs with the USB thumb drive's light still flashing. The system still responds to Ctrl-Alt-Del at this point.

If I enable the on screen debug output, the final lines displayed are (this is a typical R1A4.1 output):

est: cpu_type: 4203 vendor 4096 model 107
est:extended_features: 0
PMA: found no free slot to store 64 bytes, waiting
Last message repeated 2 times.
usb_disk: operation 0x35 failed at the SCSI level
usb_disk: request_sense: key: 0x05; asc: 0x20; ascq: 0x00;
usb_disk: request_sense: illegal request
PMA: found no free slot to store 64 bytes, waiting
Last message repeated 15 times.
Last message repeated 13 times.
Last message repeated 6 times.

At this point, the boot hangs with the USB thumb drive's light still flashing.

The number of PMA: found no free slot... and Last message repeated messages varies. Additionally, I once saw

PMA: found no free slot to store 32 bytes, waiting

between the typical 64 byte messages. Also, the same time the 32 byte version of the error appeared, the three usb_disk: lines were not present (or at least they didn't show up in their usual place at the end of the boot sequence).

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comment:1 by diver, 7 years ago

Version: R1/alpha4.1R1/Development

comment:2 by robertson, 7 years ago

I undertook the 'binary search' through testing the nightlies as suggested by Diver at

I tested hrev43463, hrev42771, hrev42514, hrev42466, and hrev42421 GCC 2 Hybrids downloaded from and all failed with a similar error to the one I reported above. I can post the specific error messages if necessary.

If I'm not misunderstanding, 42421 is the first nightly available at that is post Alpha 3 (42211). Judging from , it seems there weren't any changes to that component between 42211 and 42421. I am not a developer, so I will end my speculation here.

Let me know what other information I can provide or other steps I can take to help track down the problem.

comment:3 by diver, 7 years ago

So that means that the problematic revision is in-between hrev42211 and hrev42421. It would help tremendously if you could compile Haiku yourself and continue binary searching. Compiling from Linux might be the easiest I think.

comment:4 by korli, 7 years ago

Please check with a current nightly.

comment:5 by robertson, 7 years ago

I can confirm that hrev46548 does boot off of a USB thumb drive.

Thank you for whatever was done to fix this. I am sorry for the delay in replying.

comment:6 by diver, 7 years ago

Resolution: fixed
Status: newclosed

Thanks for the feedback. Closing.

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