When creating a new account, it is required to supply your email to acquire "TICKET_CREATE privileges" .
This is a sample of what the email will look like. For an unknown reason, many mail clients will filter this as spam.

From: Haiku <>
Subject: [Haiku] Trac email verification for user:

Hello $account.username

An account was created with Haiku's ticket tracker using
your email address. To confirm your account please visit:

[verification link]

If this link does not work, you can verify your email address
at and enter this token:


If you have not created this account, please let us know
at so that we can remove it.
Haiku <>
The Haiku operating system.

It is important that you are logged in before verifying your account
If for some reason you lose this email, log in and visit
This will send a new verification email.

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